Monday, September 28, 2009

Just do it

That is what I need to do. Just blog. I keep trying to recap the last few months and it just isn't working so I'm just starting from now. We continue to stay busy and I'm more than ready for a break.

Let me regress just a little. Taylor started tackle football at the end of August. We started with practice five nights a week until games started and now we are down to four. It has totally thrown me off having work around practice but he is loving every minute of it and that makes it worth all the extra work. Plus I am making new friends. Three of the moms I talk with are Christians and are active in their churches. The kids will be together for four years so I can't wait to see what develops.

He plays center(the guy with the ball)
I think he is just about the cutest thing in a helmet and shoulder pads that I've ever seen. I can hardly stand it!

Along with Taylor I started a new adventure. It's called working out. I have been going to Gold's for about five weeks now. I even got a trainer. Skye and I have been going five days a week doing all kinds of weight lifting and classes including Body Combat, Body Pump, Yoga, Body Step and even Body Jam.

It was a hip hop class.

Not my proudest moment.

My goal is to lose 25 pounds and I'm down six so far. There is a video on their website that says "fitness is a battle...welcome to the front line". That's what I feel like sometimes. It is a huge battle both physically and emotionally but the results I am seeing make me want to keep going back and win this war.

I did the Women's Fitness Celebration with Beth and Steph this past weekend. Fun girl time.

And that's about it. Now we move forward.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Time...What's that?

Why do I feel like I have less time now that the kids are in school? Life has been a little crazy around here lately. Let me fill you in

June and July
-Camping. We camped a lot this year. So much so that just when I thought if I had to pack up and drive another two hours to be dirty for a whole weekend I would go crazy...we went one more time.

-We went to the Greek Food Festival with the Duggan's and Rich and Steph and I'm starting to think we aren't supposed to go. We have been two times and both times its rained. And not just a little rain. It pours. Buckets. Just sort of needing an ark. We had a fun evening and I always come away from it wishing I were Greek.

-My mom turned 60. We had a lovely birthday dinner for her at our house. It was perfect.
-The Smith side went to Cascade for a relaxing weekend. It was heaven.

-Emily got the helmet of her dreams.

This took me a lot longer than I thought so August will be coming shortly.