Monday, October 1, 2012

we're moving!

when we decided to build this house we did it with the intention of being here forever.
my family moved about every two years growing up so it was a constant of new houses, schools and friends.
i wanted my kids to be in one house for the majority of their school age years, so when we found out we were pregnant with emily, and our three bedroom would no longer do, we set out on a search to find that house we would settle into for the remainder of their years home.
we wanted to be in our home before she was born and time was in short supply so we ended up rushing into a house.
we moved in on december 17th 2002 and our little princess was born on december 19th.
after being here a while we decided we didn't love our new house.
it was fine but had we really thought over the design we wouldn't have picked this one.
it was too late now and it fit our needs so we have made it our home for the past 9 1/2 years.

in those 9+ years there have been times that we have thought about moving but have stayed put for different reasons.
in the last two years, though, more pressing issues have come up that have forced us to rethink our position.
about two years ago the school board wanted to change the school boundaries so that the west side of meridian road, the side we live on, would have to change to meridian high.
parents complained, they didn't change them, they tried again last year, parents were up in arms, they didn't change them.
i fear that on the third try they will pass the boundary change and tell parents to get over it.
austin has been at mountain view for three years and we really like the school and want the other two to attend there as well.
in another few years, i believe, living here will make that an impossibility.
strike one.

about a year ago we got the news that the great city of meridian is putting a walmart in our back yard.
it will, literally, be 200 feet from our back door and we will get to see it ever day in all it's glory.
no thank you.
why they couldn't put it a quarter mile down the road where there aren't any houses built yet is beyond me.
and construction began last week.
strike two.

we received an email about 6 weeks ago from our neighborhood watch.
it let us know that there were two intruders in the back yard of someone on our street.
our yard backs up to a road and has a much too low five foot fence.
any child could jump it and that has always made me a little leery.
that email sent me over the edge but i still didn't think about selling until i was driving down the road later that day thinking about the email,our house etc.
the lord said, clear as day, "it's time to sell".
strike three.

we are under water in our house so after we do a short sale we will have to rent for a couple of years.
we have been home owners for 12 years so this will be different for us but i feel like it also gives us time.
time to decide where we want to live.
time to find the perfect house for us.
time to make the best decision for our family.

my only sadness comes when i think about austin.
i always wanted him to leave for college and be able come back to his childhood home.
the place where he skinned his knees, rode his bike, and learned so much about becoming a man.
it won't play out like i wanted but as the song says, "home is wherever i'm with you".
no matter where we rest our head it will always be home.

so with that we've submitted paper work, purged and cleaned and hopefully it goes on the market this week.
onto our new adventure.