Monday, December 28, 2009


Two months???? Really??? I'm not sure where the time has gone, or what i've been doing that has kept me away, but I plan to be back here very soon to catch up.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's new

Well not a whole lot. Just life.
Well there is one thing. Austin is 14 today!!! Holy cow when did that happen. Aren't I too young to have a 14 year old?! Even though he drives me absolutely crazy sometimes I love the devil out of that kid. Happy Birthday bud!

Taylor has one more game this weekend and then we are done with football. They have done so well as a team. I absolutely love watching them play. And this last game was a nail biter. We were in Emmett and were ahead with only a couple minutes left. The other team ran down the clock and got a touchdown with only 40 seconds left. We were crushed. It only took a couple plays before we also scored a touchdown...and got the extra point, which they hadn't done all day. You should've seen all of us jumping up and down in the bleachers like fools. We were ecstatic! By this time there were only twelve seconds left and we were up by two but we were still afraid that they were going to run the ball down the field and score another touchdown before the clock was out. Just picture all of the parents on the edge of the field waiting for those twelve seconds to run out. Emmett hikes the ball, the quarterback throws it and BOOM! interception! Our guy ran it down the field for another touchdown. 32-24!

And. The. Crowd. Goes. Wild!!!

Wild I say! Jumping. Screaming. High fives. It was like the Fiesta Bowl all over again. After we got calmed down and were on our way home Taylor says, "After that game I'll always believe in miracles". Won't we all.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just do it

That is what I need to do. Just blog. I keep trying to recap the last few months and it just isn't working so I'm just starting from now. We continue to stay busy and I'm more than ready for a break.

Let me regress just a little. Taylor started tackle football at the end of August. We started with practice five nights a week until games started and now we are down to four. It has totally thrown me off having work around practice but he is loving every minute of it and that makes it worth all the extra work. Plus I am making new friends. Three of the moms I talk with are Christians and are active in their churches. The kids will be together for four years so I can't wait to see what develops.

He plays center(the guy with the ball)
I think he is just about the cutest thing in a helmet and shoulder pads that I've ever seen. I can hardly stand it!

Along with Taylor I started a new adventure. It's called working out. I have been going to Gold's for about five weeks now. I even got a trainer. Skye and I have been going five days a week doing all kinds of weight lifting and classes including Body Combat, Body Pump, Yoga, Body Step and even Body Jam.

It was a hip hop class.

Not my proudest moment.

My goal is to lose 25 pounds and I'm down six so far. There is a video on their website that says "fitness is a battle...welcome to the front line". That's what I feel like sometimes. It is a huge battle both physically and emotionally but the results I am seeing make me want to keep going back and win this war.

I did the Women's Fitness Celebration with Beth and Steph this past weekend. Fun girl time.

And that's about it. Now we move forward.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Time...What's that?

Why do I feel like I have less time now that the kids are in school? Life has been a little crazy around here lately. Let me fill you in

June and July
-Camping. We camped a lot this year. So much so that just when I thought if I had to pack up and drive another two hours to be dirty for a whole weekend I would go crazy...we went one more time.

-We went to the Greek Food Festival with the Duggan's and Rich and Steph and I'm starting to think we aren't supposed to go. We have been two times and both times its rained. And not just a little rain. It pours. Buckets. Just sort of needing an ark. We had a fun evening and I always come away from it wishing I were Greek.

-My mom turned 60. We had a lovely birthday dinner for her at our house. It was perfect.
-The Smith side went to Cascade for a relaxing weekend. It was heaven.

-Emily got the helmet of her dreams.

This took me a lot longer than I thought so August will be coming shortly.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Where did August go?

Goodness gracious where did the month of August go? I don't think I've ever gone a whole month without blogging. It has been a long time. Now that the kids are in school I should be able to keep this thing up to date.

Since today was the first day of school I will post those and update later this week.

First grade. Where did the time go?
4Th grade and growing like a weed.

8Th grade. This was the only picture we got of him smiling.

Since the kids go to a magnet school most of the neighborhood kids attend a different school than mine. Not anymore. Both neighbors that my kids play with the most got in this year.
Emily, Matt, Hailey and Taylor

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome to the world!

Jovi Shea Davis Smith
20 1/2"
Welcome to the world precious Jovi.
Your auntie has been waiting a long time to love on those chunky cheeks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing catch up

I have been a little behind on blogging lately. OK, a lot behind. We have had so much going on this summer and not quite enough time to get it on here. I guess I will start way back at the beginning and go from there. It might take a few days to catch up so hang on.

I celebrated my 33rd birthday with these gals. Love them. We went to Bardenay and had a wonderful girls night. We were all a little sad that it would be a while till we could have another because of all the baby bumps present but so happy to spend the time out.

We then turn to the first of many camping weekends. This one was spent with our much loved friends the Duggan's and the Hamilton's. It was a rainy weekend but we were prepared and had lots of laughs and good times with his crew.

Due to the rain there was a constant fire going...

lots of playing in wet sand...

and a couple trips to the hot springs with these pool honeys.About two hours after our group photos were taken it started to rain and didn't stop. I thought we were going to have to build an ark. Unfortunately it was so rainy that we had to pack up a day early and head home. What a weekend!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ride like the wind, bullseye!

**warning! lots of very large pictures ahead**
This is what we did last night.
Our precious little baby girl, the one I prayed for, the one I dressed in everything pink I could find, the one who loves dance class, has been wanting to ride her dirt bike. We took it to the cabin and she rode around up there but she wanted the training wheels off. When we got home Rob obliged and we took her and Taylor out last night to do their thing.
She's getting a little pep talk and instructions from daddy.

There they go...

In the meantime I have this guy to keep me company. Taylor is quite the kid. He's afraid to sleep upstairs by himself, but put a throttle in his hand and he thinks he's invincible.

I love this shot!!! I think I will edit out the power lines (thank you photoshop!) and enlarge it for his room.

She still wasn't too sure about this whole thing. Rob said she was scared and ready to get off. But like the good parents we are, let's not bring up the ear piercing incident, he wouldn't let her. He kept encouraging and miraculously she stayed on and kept going.

And then this happened.

And we still have Taylor speeding around.

She's a natural. The girl amazes me.

I think she was having fun.
Her first request is a hot pink helmet.
We'll get right on that.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Special Delivery

Coming to Megan and Ben, February 2010

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

taking off

We are going to put our new purchase to the test this weekend. We're going camping! I have so much to do. Clothes to pack, food to buy, camping bins to go through. It's too much! Thankfully it's always worth it.

I have a prayer request for all of you warriors out there. My brother has been having some health problems. He went to the doctor that sent him to a neurologist who thinks he has been having small seizures for a year. He is scheduled for a brain scan in two weeks but in the meantime has had swelling in his feet and shortness of breath which is more of a heart/circulatory system problem. He is trying to get into the cardiologist today or next week when we get back. Please pray that whatever is going on they can figure out and get taken care of.

I also had to add these pictures of my girl. What a rough life she leads.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home away from home

This is our new home away from home. 168 square feet of camping bliss.
eight foot ceilings.
hinged door.
light in the ceiling.
self rolling windows.
when we saw it put together at sam's club it was bigger than we thought.
when we came home and set it up in our backyard we knew we would probably be laughed out of every campground we go to.
but we don't care.
it fits all of us, all of our stuff and, short of a sink and toilet, has everything we need.

Monday, June 22, 2009

For Today

Outside my window...the sun is finally shining

I am thinking...about our great weekend with friends.

I am thankful for...being warm and dry this morning.

From the kitchen...there are sloppy joes waiting for dinner.

I am wearing...jammies. brown capris and my green boston t shirt.

I am creating...a colorful quilt.

I am be unpacking camping stuff and drying it out all day.

I am reading...several books and magazines.

Around the's pretty clean. i always like to come home to a clean house so i picked up and cleaned before we left.

One of my favorite things...when a smell brings back a memory.

A few plans for the rest of the week...rob is off so we don't have any big plans. relaxing and maybe the water park.

A picture to share...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Behind on summer blogging

I've had my birthday since being on here last. The big 3-3. Oh geez. Rob got me Krispy Kremes to start the day then he took me to Marsing to pick up five 'new to me' chairs. The other four don't have arms but I love them. And I love Craig's list. They need to be repainted and recovered, along with my other two. I can't wait.
Speaking of repainted, I am going to repaint my living/dining rooms and kitchen. I need to brighten things up a little. The darker colors are bringing me down. I want a light tan color that will go with anything. I think. I have four paint chips up on my wall that I am contemplating but if you have any great paint colors let me know.
I also need to get Emily's room repainted so I can get her room decorated.
I found this adorable headboard while I was antiquing yesterday. I love it!!! It will look lovely on one of my walls just as soon as I can get them painted...

This is a quilt I am working on. So colorful.

Rob took the boys on a dirt bike/camping adventure. They rode till they were tired, found a spot to set up a tent, slept, then rode some more. And geocached. My garden is coming along nicely. Things are sprouting and bugs are eating. We have to take a trip to Zamzows and find out what we can spray so my plants actually have leaves.
I went over to Lori's on Thursday to help her pack up. I didn't have a set time to go or leave I just went and planned to stay as long as she needed help. Well 10 hours, multiple boxes, lots of talking and laughing, a few tears, some good ole fashion dust bunnies and a dog bite later we said goodbye.
I think that about catches me up for now. We are going camping this weekend with the Duggan's and the Hamilton's so I should have plenty of stories to share when we come home.
7 kids
6 parents
3 families
1 weekend
Baumgartner here we come.

Monday, June 8, 2009

what's going on

*i had a FaBuLoUs time at a slumber party in honor of lori. we stayed up too late, ate way too much mexican food, laughed till our stomachs hurt and talked about every subject imaginable before dawn. it was a perfect goodbye. i'm gonna miss that girl.
*i only got about 4 hours of sleep so i was a little on the dazed side all day saturday and of little use around the house.
*after church we were joined by the duggan's, rich, steph, rykon and my cousin becca and her son deegan at the greek food festival. we ate lots of yummy food, got some more talking in and watched the greek dancers. every time we go there i wish i were greek. such tradition.
*sunday we were supposed to go fishing with jim, theresa and the kids. we all ended up going fishing, only there was a miscommunication and we ended up at different lakes. we weren't having much luck so we went geocaching instead. the thing i have found about that activity is it's fun for whoever is holding the gps and not fun for the people who have to trudge behind you blindly. i did a lot of trudging behind with a less than positive attitude. i will let you know, next time we go, if it was because of my lack of sleep or because it stinks following behind and not knowing where i'm going. i think it might be a little of both.
*today rob took the boys riding up by blacks creek. they are spending the night and coming home tomorrow so it's just me and the girl today.
*i got in the car today to run some errands and when i put my sunglasses on they were mysteriously broken. Not me and I don't know must have been rummaging through the car last night.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009