Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What's new

Well not a whole lot. Just life.
Well there is one thing. Austin is 14 today!!! Holy cow when did that happen. Aren't I too young to have a 14 year old?! Even though he drives me absolutely crazy sometimes I love the devil out of that kid. Happy Birthday bud!

Taylor has one more game this weekend and then we are done with football. They have done so well as a team. I absolutely love watching them play. And this last game was a nail biter. We were in Emmett and were ahead with only a couple minutes left. The other team ran down the clock and got a touchdown with only 40 seconds left. We were crushed. It only took a couple plays before we also scored a touchdown...and got the extra point, which they hadn't done all day. You should've seen all of us jumping up and down in the bleachers like fools. We were ecstatic! By this time there were only twelve seconds left and we were up by two but we were still afraid that they were going to run the ball down the field and score another touchdown before the clock was out. Just picture all of the parents on the edge of the field waiting for those twelve seconds to run out. Emmett hikes the ball, the quarterback throws it and BOOM! interception! Our guy ran it down the field for another touchdown. 32-24!

And. The. Crowd. Goes. Wild!!!

Wild I say! Jumping. Screaming. High fives. It was like the Fiesta Bowl all over again. After we got calmed down and were on our way home Taylor says, "After that game I'll always believe in miracles". Won't we all.


andrea said...

14?!?! That's only 4 years until he can fly the coop! Crazy how time flies.

Taylor's games sound like so much fun! Can't wait until we are there with Bryson.

Rob said...

The technical term for the interception is a pick 6.

Alisha Beverly said...

Oh my gosh how exciting! What fun!

SPARKY said...

just want to say thanks for staying on top of things with your blog. i'm so glad one of us has stuck it out. i'm gonna start being better about it. promise :O)

Chrisanna said...

Sounds like a fun & exciting game!

jen k said...

That definitely sounds like a fun game!! I can't believe you have a 14 year old either. It just goes by too fast! Hope you and your family are doing well. Take care!