Monday, May 17, 2010


Both the boys decided they wanted to play lacrosse this year. This just happens to be a sport I know nothing about. A lot of Taylor's football team plays so we thought it would be really great if the boys played football in the fall and lacrosse in the spring together. Taylor ended up with nine boys from his football team so we were happy.

Like all spring sports the whole season was C-O-L-D! Sometimes I wonder what we are thinking when we let them sign up. They started practice and over time we started to figure out the rules, Rob more than me, but at least I wasn't as clueless as before.

Taylor was a natural. Any time he can hit someone and it's OK is a good time for him. He grabbed that stick and went with it. He was a little behind simply because several boys on his team had played at least one year prior to this but overall he picked it up and had a ball.
(he's in the black helmet)
This was his first goal. I really wished i had gotten him in the shot too but it happens so fast that i was lucky to get this.
Austin picked it up pretty quickly too. The downside for his age group is most of the boys had been playing for years. It's hard for a fourteen year old to come in and pick up a game three to four years behind your teammates. He held his own though. And he really liked it. he has even talked about playing for Mountain View next year so we will see how that pans out. We have tournaments this week and then it will be over. I'm a little sad thinking about not watching them anymore. This truly is a fantastic sport to watch and I am so happy they both decided to give it a try.