Friday, February 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I posted this on Facebook but thought I would jot it down here too.

1. I've never broken a bone.
2. 'I love a rainy night' by Eddie Rabbit reminds me of my grandma.
3. My first concert was The Steve Miller Band.
4. My second was MC Hammer.
5. I have a fear of drowning, although I'm not scared of water.
6. The first cassette I ever bought was Wham! Make it big.
7. I love butter.
8. I've owned three cars in my life. GMC Jimmy, Honda Accord and Ford Expedition.
9. My first job was at the KOA Kampground.
10. I love music. All kinds.
11. I love driving in the rain.
12. I've swam in the Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Sea of Cortez and the South China Sea.
13. I'm still bitter that my mom didn't let my aunt take me to see Michael Jackson when I was seven.
14. I just had my wisom teeth out. I'm 32.
15. The farthest from home I've been is Manila, Philippines.
16. I've been to Machu Picchu.
17. If I was rich I would travel all the time.
18. I wish I knew someone famous.
19. I've never been pulled over.
20. One of my best friends in high school wrecked my parents car and we told them that someone hit us in the Albertsons parking lot while we were inside.
21. I'm not competetive unless someone talks smack. Then it's on. Only I don't show it.
22. I didn't go camping til I was 21 years old.
23. I'm a roller coaster junkie.
24. I got a possession of alcohol ticket in high school even though I hadn't been drinking. Guilty by association.
25. There is rarely a time when the radio isn't on in my car.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Date night

To start off our night the guys surprised us with dinner at Tucano's. We went to one in Albuquerque when Rob's cousin got married but that was five years ago and I didn't remember it very well. Oh my goodness. So good. I stuffed myself. Stuffed. I haven't eaten that much meat in a long time.

After they rolled us out the door we headed to our much anticipated concert. Rob did an excellent job at getting our tickets. The venue was set up so basically there wasn't a bad seat in the house. The stage was a big square and we were smack dab in the center of it. Awesome. Only about five or six rows from the front point of the stage.

First up was Jessica Simpson. She is...something else. She has always bothered me for some reason. I've never been a fan so I wasn't super excited to see her. I thought maybe after seeing her I would feel differently about her. I don't. I could be really catty and pick her apart for you but I will be nice and just do it in my head as I type ;o)

Next was the main event. THE Rascal Flatts. I have been a huge fan since they first started. I even wanted to see them when they came to the fair but Rob didn't like them back then. The show starts and let me tell you they do not disappoint. These guys know how to entertain. I don't know how long the show was but it wasn't nearly long enough. I could've listened to them sing all night. But all to soon it was over and now the real fun starts. Getting out of the parking lot.

Richie drove. For those of you that know him that is all I need to say. For those that don't...let me explain. Smith boys have no patience when it come to driving so sitting in a parking lot without moving for 10 minutes was really getting on his nerves. Rob was throwing out all sorts of scenarios to egg him on. He had finally had enough and went on the wrong side of the road to get out of the parking lot. First off we got repeatedly honked at by some snotty girls driving their mama's Mercedes, which was fun. We laughed and Rich continued to inch his way in front of her. Then Steph pipes up, "don't go the wrong way" and that was all he needed. So we proceed to drive down the wrong side of the lane to get to the street which could have worked if A) there hadn't been a cop directing traffic and B)...well there is no b. It's hard to get out when he is making you wait and giving you dirty looks and everyone else is going. Including the car full of girls that has all their windows down and are laughing and yelling as they go by us. Oh no you didn't! Game on. We got out a couple cars after them and Richie's mission in life was to pass them again and cut them off. It was going to be tricky but he would find a way. He always does. They turn to get on the freeway and he has his chance. No one is coming so he speeds around her directly to the fast lane and we all roll our windows down and laugh at them as we speed by. So there you have it. Our night in a nutshell.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Becoming a habit

It seems like there isn't a lot going on during our weeks and then the weekend comes and we are busy busy. This weekend was no different.

Thursday Rob had two of his wisdom teeth pulled. It took literally five minutes. A far cry from mine. We spent most of Thursday and Friday watching The Office while he healed up a little.

Saturday we hung out here then went to church. Afterwards we did the usual...dinner and games. This week we changed it up a little and played Canasta. Yeah, that was fun. Rob and Matt argued, Matt said we played wrong, and Rodger didn't add up his points one round because it was that bad. But it was all worth it. Why? Cause I won ;o)

Sunday Rich had the idea that we should go to the hot springs for the day. We went up to Kirkham hot springs but here were tons of people there. We headed back down the road to Pine Flats but it was snowy, the road was closed and it would've been a long walk. Not to mention that both he and Rykon had on nothing but sandals. So we worked our way even closer to home and found another spot that #1 no one was at and #2 there was no snow. Perfect! This place has an actual cement pool but there was another rock and sand pool farther down so we chose that one. The guys hopped right in but I was a little chicken because I knew that if I got in I would eventually have to get out. It didn't take long for me to get cold and get in. We soaked for a little while when some guys showed up and said they dug that hole yesterday while they were digging for gold. They set up shop down river a little ways and we didn't think much about it. A while later Matt starts digging around in the sand and looking through it and you'll never guess what he found. Yep. Gold. Rich and Rykon decided to take off not long after that but we couldn't. We had gold to find. So there we sat in the water for several hours. Matt and I dug and sifted and Rob used a bobby pin to pick it up.

For all of the work we put in...the bruise on my shin, feeling like i rode a bike all day from sitting on rocks, the pruned hands and wrecked nails...I thought we would've had more. Guess we have to go back. Splitting this three ways won't amount to much. We will also have better tools next time. A bobby pin and a Pringles lid only works for so long.

This week we have the Rascal Flatts concert, Kiki for a couple days, a worship team party and a Stampede game. Bring it on.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Really? Nothing?

Yep. It's true. Not a whole lot going on around here. We had a nice relaxing Valentine's weekend that went something like this...

Friday night was Married Life Live. It's a couple night that our church puts on every year. This year it was a western theme. What a fun night hanging with friends. Afterward we went with the Harrington's, the Duggan's, and the Brownell's to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. We laughed and talked till closing time. So fun!

Saturday was valentine's day and Rob surprised me with tickets to Rascal Flatts. They are one of my favorite groups and I've wanted to see them for years but we just never have. Well now we are. And we get to share the evening with Rich and Steph. Yeehaw! We celebrated the evening by going to church then over to Rodger and Terry's for some pizza and Mexican Train. Love. That. Game.

Matt loaned us seasons 1, 2 and 3 of The Office. I've caught a few episodes over the years but haven't seen much of it. Hello! Hilarious. Rob and I watched the first season Saturday morning and he wasn't much into it. I watched the first five episodes of season 2 yesterday and was laughing out loud, he watched the sixth one with me and we were both laughing out loud. I think he's coming around.

Tonight I am going to see Twilight with my mom and aunt. Can't wait.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday night

two prime rib dinners
one blast from the past youth staff retreat video circa 2001
too many walks down memory lane that had me laughing so hard i didn't know if my cheeks could take another minute
one game of mad gab that hat dozens tee chess
four hours of sardine tag that didn't end til 5 am
six am bedtime
two tired but happy former you staff leaders who had an amazing night with great old friends.
November 2001

January 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This week

I am still healing from my teeth. They don't hurt but there is a constant, dull ache going on. I will be happy when that stops.

My mom took me to Costco and bought me some things. I am so thankful for my parents.

I got to go to coffee with Chrisanna. Two hours to talk with just her. It's been a long time since we did that.

I am making bibs and a couple purses.

We are having a youth staff reunion overnighter. It is going to be a blast!

I have a sick boy. He has managed to miss only one day of school but between him and Em there has been a lot of coughing and sneezing going on.

I am working my way through Eclipse. I am seriously addicted to these books. It's pretty lame when I am trying to think of little things to do around the house so it looks like I actually did something but don't take a lot of time so I can read more. I'm sure Rob will be glad when I am done with them so I don't have my face in a book all the time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Real quick

Just a little update quick before I have to get a few things done around here.

**My wisdom teeth went great. My happy pill was more effective than I thought it would be. I don't remember most of it, thank you Lord, and the things I was aware of didn't have me uneasy, again thanks to the pill. I had no idea that they drilled a hole in each my teeth to help get them out or that I had stitches. I kept saying that Rob was messing with me and then he would prove me wrong. So all in all it was a good experience. Thanks for the prayers.

**I have to brag on Rob for a minute. He was so good taking care of everything while I was down. He managed to get ALL of the laundry done and put away(which was no small task), he took care of all my needs, took care of the kids and the house and didn't complain once. I am so grateful for a husband who can perform his Mr. Mom duties with ease.

**While I was down I got sucked into the Twilight series. I never planned on reading it but my aunt said I had to. I was in no hurry to start but once I did it was over. I read all 500+ pages in one day. I couldn't put it down. I read the second one over the last couple days and have 3 and 4 ready to start immediately. If you love to read then you have to get these books. You will not be disappointed.