Monday, February 9, 2009

Saturday night

two prime rib dinners
one blast from the past youth staff retreat video circa 2001
too many walks down memory lane that had me laughing so hard i didn't know if my cheeks could take another minute
one game of mad gab that hat dozens tee chess
four hours of sardine tag that didn't end til 5 am
six am bedtime
two tired but happy former you staff leaders who had an amazing night with great old friends.
November 2001

January 2009


chrisanna said...

Oh my! Love the pictures. Keith's gonna die when I show him. That's hilarious. I was going to dig up the old youth staff picture as well and put it on my blog. Guess you beat me to it. Btw, could you email me the pics from Sat. night. I especially love the sailor girls in the background. he.he. What an AWESOME night. We had SO much fun! Eating, talking, laughing, playing games, sardine was all such a blast. The video was a crack up. We were just as crazy then as we are now. :) We need to do that more often. Great post. Love you!

Quiltermama said...

fun times. thoses are memories you will never forget, and friendships you will always cherish no matter where your lives take you. and all the lives you have touched and made an eternal difference in. great job!

Angela said...

Looks like a blast! Sounds like an extreme game of sardine tag! haha.

jen k said...

Sounds like so much fun! I can't believe you guys were up until 6 am!! I don't think I could do it. That last picture of Keith is quite disturbing. :)

andrea said...

Everything sounds fun up until the sardine tag until 5:00am...I never would have made it!! Maybe that is why the Lord made me stay home :)

andrea said...

oh and Jeff did not tell me about spooning...hmmm...i will bring it up on our valentine date this weekend :)