Friday, February 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I posted this on Facebook but thought I would jot it down here too.

1. I've never broken a bone.
2. 'I love a rainy night' by Eddie Rabbit reminds me of my grandma.
3. My first concert was The Steve Miller Band.
4. My second was MC Hammer.
5. I have a fear of drowning, although I'm not scared of water.
6. The first cassette I ever bought was Wham! Make it big.
7. I love butter.
8. I've owned three cars in my life. GMC Jimmy, Honda Accord and Ford Expedition.
9. My first job was at the KOA Kampground.
10. I love music. All kinds.
11. I love driving in the rain.
12. I've swam in the Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Sea of Cortez and the South China Sea.
13. I'm still bitter that my mom didn't let my aunt take me to see Michael Jackson when I was seven.
14. I just had my wisom teeth out. I'm 32.
15. The farthest from home I've been is Manila, Philippines.
16. I've been to Machu Picchu.
17. If I was rich I would travel all the time.
18. I wish I knew someone famous.
19. I've never been pulled over.
20. One of my best friends in high school wrecked my parents car and we told them that someone hit us in the Albertsons parking lot while we were inside.
21. I'm not competetive unless someone talks smack. Then it's on. Only I don't show it.
22. I didn't go camping til I was 21 years old.
23. I'm a roller coaster junkie.
24. I got a possession of alcohol ticket in high school even though I hadn't been drinking. Guilty by association.
25. There is rarely a time when the radio isn't on in my car.


Dionna said...

I've never had a broken bone either. And yes, I think you ARE competitive. :)

Alisha Beverly said...

Jen - Regarding your comment on Slumdog Millionaire. I'm not exactly sure why it is even rated R. I think a PG-13 would have sufficed. But I think probably just because of the conditions that you see people living in. It's extreme poverty. And There is some language and a little bit of violence but the rest of the movie is amazing. I highly recommend it.

chrisanna said...

I loved reading your list. So fun! And I can't believe you didn't go camping until you were 21. Crazy!