Saturday, August 30, 2008

She does it again.

I am blown away by her talent. I got our pictures back yesterday and am going to post some. I will do it at the bottom of this post so if you don't want to see them I will tell you when to stop reading. K?

Rob went backpacking with my brother and a guy from work this weekend. Austin spent the night at my parents so it was just Taylor, Emily and I last night. We did a puzzle, watched The Pursuit of Happyness and I stayed up watching TV way too late.

Today the kids and I went to the memorial service for Ethan and Kimberly's baby. I can't even imagine what they have gone through. My heart breaks for them. Although it is hard to see someone go through this what a blessing it is to know that they will see him again. Jeff shared a thought from Becky today and it was this: Isaac never knew anything but love in his life. He only knew the love of his mother when he was in her womb and when he opened his eyes for the first time and saw Jesus' face there was only love from his heavenly father. What a precious thought and such a comfort to know that he is at peace in Jesus' arms.

Since I heard about Isaac I have thinking about this video. If you haven't seen it you must watch it.

He always understands. I love that. onto the pictures. I was going to upload them here but thought it would be easier to upload them to an album so click here if you want to see them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chrisanna is going to love this. ETA...

When we were in the Philippines I had serious sleep issues.

Serious. Sleep. Issues.

We'll call them SSI for short.

I don't think poor Chrisanna got a full nights sleep the whole time we were there. Almost every night in my SSI stupor I would do one of the following:

--wake up laughing really loud

--talk in my sleep really loud


--get up out of bed and push the curtains in our room back like I was trying to see something or escape. I don't know which one. Mind you we were on the 10th floor and there were no screens or bars on the windows.

We had many a laugh about my SSI, which by the way, I have never had issues with before. My last episode happened two nights before we left. Chrisanna said I got out of bed and went over to the curtains. I was in a corner where the curtains meet the wall and she said I was trying to push them out of the way. She was laughing and asked me what I was doing. That must have woke me up because I remember standing there trying to act like I knew exactly what I was doing. I finally said "I have no idea" and started walking back to the bed. I don't know if the room was really dark or if I had my eyes closed but I remember not being able to see anything. I got to the bed and remember hitting the edge of it and falling on the floor. I hit my elbow and by that time we were both laughing hysterically. I mean how lame must I have looked. It's the middle of the night and I am on the floor of our hotel room. We then proceeded to laugh for I don't know how long and even the next night when we were writing in our journals we couldn't contain ourselves.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am in bed when I hear Rob say "what are you doing?". I wake up and I am at the end of our bed. I didn't want to look like a fool so I said "going to get a drink". Yeah. I always crawl to the end of the bed when I need a drink. Sadly my SSI had returned.

Rewind to last night and I give you this rather unflattering picture but it's one that you must see.

I woke up last night and Rob sounded like he was in a panic. He kept asking me if I was OK and he was grabbing at me. I finally realize that I am standing up in or kneeling in bed and I am grabbing at the wall.
As you can see, and I am sorry to subject you to this kind of poor house keeping(don't judge me!) the dust on the mirror shows where I was clawing at it. Also if you'll notice there is supposed to be a plant between the frames too. Where is it? I knocked it off in all the commotion. Probably onto my poor sleeping husband.

When Rob finally let me go and made sure that I was indeed OK I said that my chin hurt. I don't know if I hit that shelf or my headboard but I hit something. I didn't want to turn on the light and look at it so I figured I would wait till the morning. The first picture didn't do it justice so I took another.

There is a scab and a bruise on my chin!

What was I doing?!

**I finally figured out how I got the bruise. I kept trying to think of how I could've hit something so hard that it would leave a mark like that. When Rob got home we were talking about my 'episode' and I asked him what I was doing. He said that when he woke up out of a sound sleep I was climbing the wall and he thought that someone was in the room trying to grab me so he grabbed my legs and pulled me down onto him. So in reality the bruise came from Rob :o) HA!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things around here

Everything has been running very smoothly since school started. I have been making the boys lunches every night so that's one less thing to do in the morning. We have also been picking out clothes and making sure that all of their bags etc are by the door so there is no looking for things when it's time to leave.

Emily is loving school and she is excited that Hailey finally got a spot at her school. Now they get to ride the bus all the way to school instead of just part way together.

I am thinking about painting Emily's room. She's had the same colors in her room since she was two months old and they are feeling a little babyish to me. I would like a change and something a little older for her. These are the colors that I am contemplating. I love the dark pink and am trying to figure out how it could work in her room.

There is an old abandoned house across the street and we have gone through it a couple of times simply because I love old houses. Kids have come in and trashed most of it but there is a back door is still in pretty good condition. I have been thinking about what I could do with it and even though I haven't made up my mind yet I asked Rob if he'd go get it for me. If you have any great ideas let me know.

Steph and I are going to make homemade spaghetti sauce tomorrow. Rodger and Terry have tons of tomatoes and we thought it would be fun to put them to good use. We are using a Giada recipe that she found. I hope it's good.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Here she is. My last kindergartner. My baby girl. She did amazing. I did too until Rob hugged me as he left for work. I had my cry and I'm ok now. Not good but ok. His last words before he walked out the door?

"We could always have another."


Her first day of school outfit including the twirly skirt that I made for her.

She decided during breakfast that she would ride the bus today. What?! Doesn't she know I am supposed to drive her to school? I tried to talk her out of it then reluctantly agreed. We took pictures then Rob and I walked them all down the street.

I forgot Hailey would be riding the bus too. It makes me so much more at ease knowing she has two brothers and a friend riding with her.

Here comes the bus. Think she's nervous? I am so thankful I got this picture. This is why God made big brothers. She may annoy him and cause him all kinds of grief, but when she needs him he's there for her and I am so proud of him for that.
Up she goes.
I tried to get one of her on the bus but the windows are dirty and tinted. Doesn't make for good picture taking.

3rd grade
7th is that possible?!

Rob and I went to school and met the bus there so we could help her find her class and just to see her one last time.

Walking to class.

Sitting in circle time. She looks really bummed to be there doesn't she.
My precious mom came and took me to coffee after we got home. It helped to take my mind off of Em not being here. I broke down again while I was waiting for my mom to get here because I am so used to Em walking in while I'm checking my email in the mornings. She comes in and sits on my lap for a while then I get her breakfast. It was weird not having that this morning. It will be hard to get used to. I am going to miss her so much but am so happy that she likes school. I know she is going to learn and grow so much this year.

After school she rode the bus home. She was so cute getting off and running across the street to me.

i. love. this. girl.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ready, Set, Don't Go

I've been a little melancholy these last few days.
School starts soon.
Can't believe my baby is going to be there.
And not here with me.
Not quite ready for it.
Part of me is ready for some freedom.
The other would like to freeze time.

These two songs have been running through my head.

Ready, set, don't go--Billy Rae and Miley Cyrus

Slipping through my fingers--Mamma Mia Soundtrack

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just what I needed

My trip to Phoenix was just what the doctor ordered. I hadn't had a good face to face visit with Jen in a long, long time. We passed our days doing the following...

*lots of laughing. whenever we are together it is a non stop laugh fest. seriously, it is the best.

*getting pure chocolate ice blended drinks at the coffee bean. pure chocolate is pure heaven.

*going to the mall. we have most of the stores they do so it wasn't anything great although i did pick up a delicious green wallet and sunglasses at forever 21. I also got a good deal on a hoodie at macy's.

*going to the shout house. we went to one in portland a few years ago but because paul mccartney was in town there weren't a lot of people there. we walked in this place at 9:00 and it was packed with no place to sit. we went to eat dinner then went back and got ever so lucky to get a table. these places are so fun because the piano players know every song under the sun. you put a request on the piano with some money, they play it and the whole place sings along. so much fun.
*spending 4 1/2 hours inside this beautiful blue building. jen had never been here even though it is a mere 45 minutes from her house. i introduced her to it and now chris says i'm not allowed to come back. the only downfall was only being able to buy what i could get back home with me. my poor suitcase was bursting at the seams and i had to carry an extra bag on the plane but it was so so worth it.
*snuggling with this bundle of chubby goodness. my favorite thing to do was give him his binky and put him on my chest. in no time he would be out and i would be in heaven.

*watching all of the direct tv shows that i never get to at home. tori and dean home sweet hollywood became a fast fav.
*giving grayson gifts. i made him three onesies and six burp cloths. jen loved them.

Before I knew it it was time to come home. My visit was short but sweet. Thank you Rob for letting me have some time with my friend. She appreciated it and so do I. And thanks for taking such good care of the kids while I was gone. You da man! Love ya.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank You

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Chrisanna for taking pictures of us tonight. I wanted to get Rob's side of the family together while all of the brothers and sisters were in town at the same time and asked her if she could take some family pictures for us. I only saw one on her camera and am going crazy because I have to wait to see the rest. She does such fabulous work and I am so glad she is my friend and is willing to take on the task of 5 children and 9 adults. Thanks friend.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh My Gorsh

T minus 47 hours and 45 minutes till I jet off to Phoenix and I'm telling you I have slightly less than a million things to do before then and just a smidge under enough time.

We have been having lots of fun with Megan, Ben, Matt and Cole since they've been here.
We've been gold panning, eating, laughing, watching the kids play together, celebrated someones 8th birthday...

...played lots of train wreck, shopping and just hanging out together. A lot to pack into a week but we are managing.

Now before Friday I have to do my huge mound o' laundry, pack, get the boys ready for backpacking and Emily ready for a weekend at my parent's, figure out what everyone is wearing for pictures and who knows what else. Guess that means I better exit out of here.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Stuff

*we played a three hour game of train wreck at rob's parents the other night. i lost both games. matt won one but i think he's a cheater. ha! just kidding. he won fair and square. i guess.

*i am making a velvet cocoa cake with buttercream frosting for taylor's birthday. sounds yummy right?

*i think one of the worst on screen kisses is between ralph macchio and elisabeth shue in karate kid. we watched it the other day and i thought he was going to touch her toes with his tongue. seriously disgusting.

*i am almost done with taylor's quilt. it turned out really cute. i just have to sew on the letters and my mom and aunt are going to quilt it for me. i hope he likes it.

*i have been a crafting fool lately. i did some onesies and burp cloths for jen and finally put on the handles to the purse i made her 18 months ago. bad. i know.

*i am doing a love album from ali for renee and jeremy's wedding. i hope it turns out half as cute as hers.

*emily is in love with the mama mia cd. instead of strawberry shortcake she now wants to listen to that at bedtime. she belts out
"mamma mia
here i go again
my my
how can you reshishta"

the actual words are:
"mamma mia
here i go again
my my
how can i resist ya"

her and i were having an ABBA party last night when she was supposed to be going to bed. i would sing the verse of the songs and she would sing the chorus. we had so much fun.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Really. Great. Finds.

My mom and I went out yard saleing Saturday. I had some birthday money and didn't want to spend it on just anything. We had been out for a while and my mom had some luck but I hadn't. Then we stopped at a house and I saw this.

It's an old type case. I saw Ali's project she made with one and was wanting to do one myself but hadn't the slightest idea where I would find a type case. I was so excited. My mom and I kept looking around and there was a lot of cool stuff there. I found a galvanized bucket that I had to have and we were getting ready to pay when I saw two boxes with suitcases in them. Something told me to take a look so my mom helped me pull them out. Inside were these beauties.
Two suitcases in perfect condition. And the boxes they were in are the original boxes that they were shipped from the company in and have the keys with them. I opened them up and about died when I saw that fabric. The couple having the yard sale were probably in their early to mid seventies and he said these were his mother's. When they weren't being used she would put them back in the boxes for storage. Fabulous. We have been trying to figure out how old they are. I am guessing at least 70-80 years. The company is Continental Vogue Luggage Company and each suitcase says Vogue Custom Made of San Francisco California. The smaller box even has the shipping address in Berkley. I think they are so fascinating. The best part of the whole thing is I got all four items... the type case, bucket, and two pieces of luggage...for $17.50. A total steal.

Besides all that excitement we have been having fun around here. Last week Steph came over and brought Sonic drinks for us and we went to the park. Thursday we met her at the pool to swim for a couple of hours. We've also been having fun picking raspberries at Rodger and Terry's and hanging out with Matt since he got here Friday. Yesterday was Hailey's birthday so it was pizza, swimming cake and presents at mom and dad's. I am a little excited about having the kids in school again (can you say fighting like cats and dogs?) but I am going to miss the laid back ways of summer.