Friday, August 22, 2008

Ready, Set, Don't Go

I've been a little melancholy these last few days.
School starts soon.
Can't believe my baby is going to be there.
And not here with me.
Not quite ready for it.
Part of me is ready for some freedom.
The other would like to freeze time.

These two songs have been running through my head.

Ready, set, don't go--Billy Rae and Miley Cyrus

Slipping through my fingers--Mamma Mia Soundtrack


Alisha Beverly said...

I had never heard that Billy Rae and Miley Cyrus song. I liked it.

And that song on Mama Mia made me tear up in the movie.

Hope you can enjoy your freedom during the day!

Rob said...

I can't belive all three of the kidos are going to be in school either. I agree it would be nice if we could freeze time just for a moment. Seems like it has gone by way too fast. All I know if now I get to come up with a honey do list.

Kelly said...

I'm not even going to try to listen to those songs because I have a feeling they'll make me cry.
It is hard to let them go and grow up isn't it? I can only imagine sending number 3 off is the hardest. Oh I dread the day!

jen k said...

I know how you feel and I still have one at home. It goes by sooo fast!! I'm sure you'll find lots to do at home by yourself. :)

sam said...

I know I'll be right where you are in just a few years! I'm having a hard time with our oldest going to school ALL DAY this year. I like to live in denial though until the night before school starts. Then I'll lose it. :)

sara b said...

I can't believe all three will be gone!! Time does fly by. Sydney is in fifth and I keep telling myself she will never be in junior high, it will be here before I know it :(