Monday, August 4, 2008

Really. Great. Finds.

My mom and I went out yard saleing Saturday. I had some birthday money and didn't want to spend it on just anything. We had been out for a while and my mom had some luck but I hadn't. Then we stopped at a house and I saw this.

It's an old type case. I saw Ali's project she made with one and was wanting to do one myself but hadn't the slightest idea where I would find a type case. I was so excited. My mom and I kept looking around and there was a lot of cool stuff there. I found a galvanized bucket that I had to have and we were getting ready to pay when I saw two boxes with suitcases in them. Something told me to take a look so my mom helped me pull them out. Inside were these beauties.
Two suitcases in perfect condition. And the boxes they were in are the original boxes that they were shipped from the company in and have the keys with them. I opened them up and about died when I saw that fabric. The couple having the yard sale were probably in their early to mid seventies and he said these were his mother's. When they weren't being used she would put them back in the boxes for storage. Fabulous. We have been trying to figure out how old they are. I am guessing at least 70-80 years. The company is Continental Vogue Luggage Company and each suitcase says Vogue Custom Made of San Francisco California. The smaller box even has the shipping address in Berkley. I think they are so fascinating. The best part of the whole thing is I got all four items... the type case, bucket, and two pieces of luggage...for $17.50. A total steal.

Besides all that excitement we have been having fun around here. Last week Steph came over and brought Sonic drinks for us and we went to the park. Thursday we met her at the pool to swim for a couple of hours. We've also been having fun picking raspberries at Rodger and Terry's and hanging out with Matt since he got here Friday. Yesterday was Hailey's birthday so it was pizza, swimming cake and presents at mom and dad's. I am a little excited about having the kids in school again (can you say fighting like cats and dogs?) but I am going to miss the laid back ways of summer.


andrea said...

YOU STINK!! I have that "Ali project" bookmarked but also had no idea where to get an old type case. That is great that you found one, I am just a little jealous. O.k., a lot jealous :) Post the finished product when you are done -k-

Kelly said...

SO COOL! That project looks very time intensive but very cool. Should you decide not to do it, I know exactly where I would put such a thing. :)
I've really wanted to go yard saleing the last few weeks. I think I feel sufficiently inspired now to do so on Saturday. Thank you. :)

jen k said...

That project does look awesome...make sure you share with us when you're done!! :)

sam said...

Wow! That is a steal. Loved hearing about your missions trip too! :)

SPARKY said...

i'll try not to feel bitter but turn it into genuine joy for you :O) just teasin. i love the idea for the type case. that's so cool. can't wait to see how it all turns out.
see ya later today