Monday, August 25, 2008

Here she is. My last kindergartner. My baby girl. She did amazing. I did too until Rob hugged me as he left for work. I had my cry and I'm ok now. Not good but ok. His last words before he walked out the door?

"We could always have another."


Her first day of school outfit including the twirly skirt that I made for her.

She decided during breakfast that she would ride the bus today. What?! Doesn't she know I am supposed to drive her to school? I tried to talk her out of it then reluctantly agreed. We took pictures then Rob and I walked them all down the street.

I forgot Hailey would be riding the bus too. It makes me so much more at ease knowing she has two brothers and a friend riding with her.

Here comes the bus. Think she's nervous? I am so thankful I got this picture. This is why God made big brothers. She may annoy him and cause him all kinds of grief, but when she needs him he's there for her and I am so proud of him for that.
Up she goes.
I tried to get one of her on the bus but the windows are dirty and tinted. Doesn't make for good picture taking.

3rd grade
7th is that possible?!

Rob and I went to school and met the bus there so we could help her find her class and just to see her one last time.

Walking to class.

Sitting in circle time. She looks really bummed to be there doesn't she.
My precious mom came and took me to coffee after we got home. It helped to take my mind off of Em not being here. I broke down again while I was waiting for my mom to get here because I am so used to Em walking in while I'm checking my email in the mornings. She comes in and sits on my lap for a while then I get her breakfast. It was weird not having that this morning. It will be hard to get used to. I am going to miss her so much but am so happy that she likes school. I know she is going to learn and grow so much this year.

After school she rode the bus home. She was so cute getting off and running across the street to me.

i. love. this. girl.


andrea said...

You got some great pictures! I love the ones of the three kids walking down the street and the one of Emily holding Austin's arm. Her skirt turned out so cute! Great job!

I am not looking forward to the day Bryson goes to school too. I can't imagine being here with no kids. I am sure you will quickly get used to the free time :)

Glad Emily had a great first day of school!

Alisha Beverly said...

Those are awesome pictures! They just captured every moment so perfectly. And I love the picture of Emily holding on to Austin's arm. So precious! You'll treasure that picture forever! Good job!

I love the outfit you made Emily! She looks so cute in it!

sara b said...

Oh, that makes me tear up!! I can't imagine what it must feel like having your baby gone!! You did a great job capturing the most precious pictures. Her skirt is really cute, great job. I absolutely love the backpack too! And Rob is right, you could have another :)

jen k said...

Wow, you did awesome documenting her first day!! This post makes me tear up too. My baby starts in two days and I am going to be so sad!! I love that last picture of her running to you. So cute!

Kelly said...

I was thinking about you all morning. It's going to be hard sending the baby off. Good thing I have a few years. :)
Her skirt looks really cute! I love the colors!

sam said...

Love those pictures!! It looks like she is excited about this new phase... and you COULD have another. :)

Matt said...

Those are some great pics of Emily. Just curious why Taylor and Austin are not smiling while waiting for the bus.

Dionna said...

A new phase of life. It's so bittersweet. The last one is supposed to be clingy (because we feel that tug on our hearts) but Em sounds independent like Kayla was. Not fair on us- huh? :)
She looked precious.

chrisanna said...

Great recap of Em's first day. Love the pictures, especially the one of her running off the bus. Wow, I can't believe your baby is in kindergarten. It makes me tear up too. At least you can find some comfort in knowing how much she is going to love it. What a special day!