Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Stuff

*we played a three hour game of train wreck at rob's parents the other night. i lost both games. matt won one but i think he's a cheater. ha! just kidding. he won fair and square. i guess.

*i am making a velvet cocoa cake with buttercream frosting for taylor's birthday. sounds yummy right?

*i think one of the worst on screen kisses is between ralph macchio and elisabeth shue in karate kid. we watched it the other day and i thought he was going to touch her toes with his tongue. seriously disgusting.

*i am almost done with taylor's quilt. it turned out really cute. i just have to sew on the letters and my mom and aunt are going to quilt it for me. i hope he likes it.

*i have been a crafting fool lately. i did some onesies and burp cloths for jen and finally put on the handles to the purse i made her 18 months ago. bad. i know.

*i am doing a love album from ali for renee and jeremy's wedding. i hope it turns out half as cute as hers.

*emily is in love with the mama mia cd. instead of strawberry shortcake she now wants to listen to that at bedtime. she belts out
"mamma mia
here i go again
my my
how can you reshishta"

the actual words are:
"mamma mia
here i go again
my my
how can i resist ya"

her and i were having an ABBA party last night when she was supposed to be going to bed. i would sing the verse of the songs and she would sing the chorus. we had so much fun.


Kelly said...

That cake does sound delicious.
I've been wanting to do another quilt since it's been way too long since I've made one. I noticed last week that Garrett's comforter is falling apart. Maybe I should do them for the boys.
It does sound like you've been crafting a lot lately. Rumor has it there may be a couple people putting together a sewing bee in the near future if you're interested. :)

Matt said...

If you are not first... you are last, Jen.

jen k said...

Wow, are being so crafty!! Show us some pictures of your craftiness. That cake looks delish!! How'd it turn out?

SPARKY said...

that's cute. she's my kinda gal. i LOVE abba. can't wait to see the movie. you need to take me