Friday, July 22, 2011

out of the mouths of babes

while leaving sunday...
me-what did you do today?
emily-we were supposed to tell about a problem us or a friend was having.
me-oh yeah? what did you say?
emily-i didn't have anything so i made something up. i told her my friends dog had cancer.

(insert hysterical laughter)

Monday, July 18, 2011

the best yard saleing day ever!

my mom and i went out last saturday to see if there was anything in this valley we couldn't live without. the main yard sale we wanted, the one that was still on craigslist at 7:00 saturday morning, was not open. it was clear out in caldwell and there was not a soul in sight. we even went up to the door to knock just in case we were there too early and no one answered. totally disappointed we started driving around stopping at all the other sales we saw. this is the small stuff i got. 

let me break it down.
an air pot for coffee when we have big family gatherings. it seems like i spend most of the evening making coffee for everyone cause we go through it so fast. this will be perfect. and as soon as i saw those retro flowers i knew it had to be mine. it even has the original tag on the handle.
coffee pot $2

i got these at the youth ranch in nampa. we were driving by and thought we would stop and am i glad we did! we walked in the store and it took about 5 seconds for me to see them on the back wall. i told my mom i would be right back and took off after them. mandi says it's ok to hoard lamps :O)
2 vintage lamps $10.50

i also got this at the youth ranch. and wouldn't you know it was right by those beautiful lamps. i saw it and made the decision in about two minutes to get it. it's a dresser with three drawers on each side when you open the doors. the left side of it needs some work on the drawers but for the price it will be so worth it. i usually don't by furniture at the youth ranch cause they tend to be pricey but this beauty was a steal. it also came with two full length mirrors. i plan to paint one for emily's room and sell the other.
vintage dresser with mirrors $18.50

and this is what i plan to do with it. i am in love with the mirrors on the front. 

we found these half gallon jars at a sale we were just going to drive by. 
3-1/2 gallon mason jars $5

i have been searching for one of these and only out of sheer luck did i find this one. i saw the house of smith's post on halloween decorating and i loved how she used hers. 
wooden bowl 25 cents

this was another one of those yard sales that we weren't going to stop but my mom hates to just drive by so we got out and looked around. i saw this and knew it had to be mine. when i saw the price i thought it must be wrong. the lady said her mom died a few years ago and she didn't have room to keep all of her stuff so she just wanted it gone. what am i going to do with it? i have no idea.
vintage stereo cabinet $5

i also got a brand new 8x8 scrapbook for an album i am doing for rob's grandma for 75 cents so my whole day of shopping, which included two large pieces of furniture, came to a whopping $42! so happy!

Monday, July 11, 2011


things i want to remember about our camping weekend

*boating*s'mores*setting up our tent in the rain*old friends*stepping over a snake and not even knowing it*hot springs*sitting 'round the campfire*laughing*kids playing*sunshine*all girls boat ride*all girl boat ride that ended with towing a broken down boat to shore*cold nights*dirt biking*geocaching*the dock*pineapple upside down cake*the beautiful idaho mountains*skipping rocks*catching up*the clear sky at midnight*

we had a great weekend camping at anderson ranch with the hamilton's, the duggan's and matt and brindee burchfield. i forgot to take many pictures but these are a few times i managed to remember.