Monday, July 11, 2011


things i want to remember about our camping weekend

*boating*s'mores*setting up our tent in the rain*old friends*stepping over a snake and not even knowing it*hot springs*sitting 'round the campfire*laughing*kids playing*sunshine*all girls boat ride*all girl boat ride that ended with towing a broken down boat to shore*cold nights*dirt biking*geocaching*the dock*pineapple upside down cake*the beautiful idaho mountains*skipping rocks*catching up*the clear sky at midnight*

we had a great weekend camping at anderson ranch with the hamilton's, the duggan's and matt and brindee burchfield. i forgot to take many pictures but these are a few times i managed to remember.


Dionna said...

Love your blog header. So adorable. Did you make that yourself?

And how could you possibly step over a snake and not know it? Super yikes!

backcountryfishn said...

In the first photo, who is the old lady in the hat? Xoxo