Friday, June 17, 2011

last day of school

the last day of school for taylor and emily always includes the school talent show, yearbook signing, picnic lunches and saying goodbye to friends.

this is taylor's best friend, joel. they are a hoot together. for the talent show joel memorized the napoleon dynamite dance and did the whole thing. it was awesome!

these are emily's good friends maggie and kelsi. aren't they cute?

miss parham was emily's third teacher this year. yes, you heard right. her teacher, miss beck, had health problems and hoped to be back before school. she was there at the meet and greet before school started but so was mrs. elwood. she would be their teacher until miss beck made it back. before we knew it december was here and we were told that mrs. elwood only agreed to sub til christmas break meaning that the kids would be getting another teacher mid year. in came miss parham and emily was so happy. she was young, full of energy and the kids loved her. Emily loved her so much that the last two mornings of school she cried cause she wouldn't be able to see her anymore.

miss chetwood was taylor's teacher. she is the one that wrote the great things about taylor a few months back. he absolutely loved her. she was just the type of teacher a fifth grader needs. she's young, fun, gets along so well with the kids and they all adored her. taylor is really going to hate not having her next year.

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Kimberly said...

Your kids are really getting big. That's crazy that Emily had 3 teachers but what a blessing that she loved the last one so much.