Friday, June 10, 2011

special somethings

my mom, aunt and i went to an antique store the other day and i found this and fell in love with it. i know it will be a long long long long looooong time until we have any but i just couldn't pass it up for a future granddaughter.

for my birthday my mom and aunt made me a quilt out of emily's baby clothes. the whole top, minus the borders are her clothes. i saved them in hopes that someday my aunt would do this and they finally did. isn't it beautiful?!?! and so full of memories from my baby girl.

this pink and white striped was from a long sleeved onesie she had. it had a pink fleece lined jean dress that went with it. i have a picture of her in it from the first time she climbed out stairs on a sunday afternoon.

the purple flowers are from the outfit she wore home from the hospital. we got it on vacation at the oregon coast and, even though it was newborn, was a mile too big for her.

the striped fabric is from a pair of leggings that she wore quite a bit. i loved seeing her chunky legs in those things! the fish are from one of the umpteen summer outfits i bought at the carter's outlet for $5.

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Kelly said...

Oh my! That's so sweet! I have some of the boys old clothes boxed up for who knows what. I should do this!