Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our lives right now

hectic i tell you!but things are finally slowing down. thankfully.
happenings in the past month:

**we finished our last lacrosse games. they were exciting too! playoffs always are since there is so much more involved. austin's team won their first game then lost in overtime to centennial. taylor's team also won their first game in overtime but the real joy came with taylor making that winning shot! it was his first goal of the season and he was so proud. unfortunately they lost in the second game.

**we learned my aunt is moving back to oklahoma. i am sad at the thought of not having her here all the time but i know her heart is there. we will sure miss her though!

**we have been preparing for my brother's family to depart for a year as well. they are following their dreams of travelling the country and they leave june 16th. what an adventure!

** rob took me to see wicked for mother's day. what a surprise!!! we started with lunch at the cottonwood grill then went on a 'walk' which just happened to go by the morrison center. it was everything that i thought it would be. absolutely fantastic! i can't wait to see it again!

**our family tried to take a memorial day camping trip but, unfortunately, got rained/snowed out after the first day and had to come back early. rob picked a beautiful spot up by prairie that we will have to try again. maybe. the road getting there was a little scary.

**i was making bundt cakes for a ladies thing at church. emily was asking what it was for, and then could she go. i told her she couldn't and she said "why not? i'm a woman!"

**mr. smith turned 34. our lives have been so crazy that we haven't even had time to celebrate. poor guy. we will take care of that on friday.

** we started watching 24. we hurry and put the kids to bed and try to squeeze in a couple episodes every night. it's so hard to stop. my favorite nights are the ones when we can watch three or four episodes at a time. so thankful for netflix so we can watch whenever we want :O)

now we are just waiting for school to be out and summer to be ushered in. i am more than ready to spend less time making lunches and more time swimming, staying up late, sleeping in and barbecuing. come on warm weather!!!

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Dionna said...

We've considered going to Netflix. Not sure if we're ready or not yet. I heard a lot of things are on DVD and not live streaming. What have you discovered in that area? Also - what do you do to watch news coverage of main things happening in the world? I love my Fox News!