Monday, May 9, 2011

Isn't he precious?

                                                                   my brother, that it.

this is what he gave me for mother's day. gave me a good chuckle.
let me give you the back story.

gaither scripture tea:
my parents love the gaither's.
love them.
they have every vhs and dvd that has ever been made by them.
every darn one.
my brother and i don't particularly care for that style of music so we always joke about who gets all the gaither music when our parents go to meet the good lord.
this is why i got the promise tea with "inspiring gaither lyrics on each tag to set your spirit singing".
orange tootsie pops:
when we were young, maybe 10 and 13, we went on a family vacation to mt. rushmore.
my parents bought a huge box of tootsie pops at costco before we left home and leaving that great mountain i was ready for a tootsie pop.
a chocolate tootsie pop because they are my favorite.
my brother, however, knew i hated the orange ones and would not give me any other color besides orange.
my parents got tired of me squawking about the suckers and told me to eat the orange or do without.
i did without.
and to this day we joke about the orange tootsie pops.
so again i say...isn't he precious?

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Kimberly said...

That is so awesome! And funny. I had no idea they made that tea. My parents loved the Gaithers too; must be something from their generation. :)