Thursday, May 28, 2009

inquiring minds want to know...

what i got the other day. here they are.

i finally found a couple of dining room chairs. they will have to be repainted and recovered but that's easy. i also got this picket fence piece to put up in emily's room.
This is an old fishing rod holder. i'm going to use it to throw the boys quilts over.
These sconces are for em's room too. only $3 for the pair!

I bought these things for no other reason than i thought they were cute. love the glasses and i couldn't pass up this retro creamer and sugar bowl.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art and Homework

The kids all have visual art once a week. I help in her class every other Tuesday which is the day they go to art so I was able to see most of her pieces made. All of the kids did a fantastic job on their art work. Their teacher gets them to do things as kindergartners that I don't know if I could do as an adult. These are the pieces that Emily has brought home so far.
'Mona Lisa'
'Little Miss Dance'
They made up their own characters reminiscent of these books.
'Flowers in oil pastels'
These are a couple Taylor has brought home this year.
This one came with a poem
Footsteps glistening
Deer running to its warm home
dancing, dancing deer

Monday night we were eating dinner out on the back patio and we remembered that Em had a couple pages of homework to get done. She worked so diligently and I thought she was just too cute sitting out there and working so hard.

While we were enjoying the warm weather last night this is what Em was doing. Rollerblading with giant sunglasses. Love it!

So happy I captured this. I love that it includes not only the drawing but my heels that she was wearing and her scooter that she was probably riding with my heels on. Never a dull moment.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thousand Springs

Well this 'everyday in may' thing isn't working out too well is it? It's turned into 'every day i have time in may'. That works too I guess. I'm already a week behind in documenting life around here. Last weekend we packed up the car and headed to Thousand Springs. We tried doing this last year with Rich and Steph but ended up never being able to find the right place. This time, even though it took a while and we had to stop twice and ask for directions, we found it. Niagara Springs is the name of the park we like to go to. It has beautiful natural springs coming right out of the snake river canyon walls. Quite a sight.

Cole did not have a fishing pole and wasn't too happy about it so Matt made him one out of a stick and some string. Worked like a charm.

This is just like my girl. Fishing in a dress. She was frustrated becuase she thought as soon as she put her pole in the water a fish should just jump on it.

Although there are several springs at this park this is Niagara Springs. Look how blue the water is. Just gorgeous.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I left for Oklahoma a day before my mom and aunt so it was just me and Renee for the first day. I flew in at noon, we had lunch, went to the mall, ran a few other errands that she needed to then drove the two hours home to relax. We had waffles for dinner, watched Waitress and then I zonked. I don't think I moved one time in the night.

Friday we drove two hours back to the city, made another mall run and got pedicures before we picked up our moms. My pedicure reminded me of this skit. I couldn't find a button on my massage chair and when I finally did I know they were talking about me. When everyone had touched down we decided to go to dinner and invited Jared to come along. This is Jared.
Everyone say "hi Jared!". He is a hoot and a half. We talked and laughed and stuffed our faces for I don't know how long. All too soon, though, it was time for another two hour drive home. Graduation day is tomorrow.

Wouldn't you know that everywhere I go I take cold weather with me. It really stinks. It was 90 when I got there on Thursday and by Saturday at her outdoor graduation it was 64, cloudy and windy. Yay us. We made it through(barely) and were ready to party. Renee and Jeremy were having a barbecue at their house to celebrate but before everyone got there we had to head out to the goat farm. Yep, that's right. Jeremy's family raises goats and the two of them are right in the middle of it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Renee would be caught dead herding goats but there, right before my eyes, were the two of them trying to get this goat. We wanted to hold one because they are so darn cute in teh pen but man are they loud. And they move a lot. Not quite as cute in your arms. You really have to grab a hold and hang on to them. This one looks like it's being good but it wasn't.My turn. Stupid thing was trying to get away.And then comes the loud bleating or whatever it is they do. So we get back to the house and I just have to say that you know you are in Oklahoma when you have one of these in your back yard.

We were getting ready for the barbecue but before I could concentrate on that I wanted to go down just to see what it looks like inside. I tried to go in it last time I was back there but there were spiders all over the ceiling and I just couldn't make myself. She said they sprayed for spiders so it should be good. I arm myself with a flashlight and bug spray just in case. Again, there are spiders everywhere. As I begin to spray the heck out of them I realize they are all dead and hanging there but I spray anyway just to make sure.

I think I can...

I think I can...I think I can...Screw it...I can't. I just couldn't bring myself to go under them. They were all dead but what if one fell on me?! So I am now 0/2 on the 'try to see the inside of a storm cellar' score board. Maybe next time.

Sunday we left for Roswell, New Mexico to see my grandparents. I haven't seen them since I was pregnant with Taylor. It's been way too long. My grandpa has Parkinson's and a couple months ago he got pneumonia and we didn't think he was going to make it. He pulled through and we knew it was time to make a trip. We piled in the car on Sunday morning and headed across Texas into New Mexico and up their driveway.

It was so good to see them.

It was not so good to see this. Everyone kept saying "it's just a baby" but guess what.

I. Don't. Care.

It was a tarantula right by their front door.

Anyway, we only had two days to visit before we headed back so we had to make it good. We visited with them for a while then headed to Jim and Catherine's (my aunt and uncle) for dinner. I haven't seen them in 20+ years so we had a lot of catching up. Jim was recently diagnosed with cancer and told he only has 6-12 months but he is still looking good and working at the bike shop they own so we'll see how long the Lord leaves him here. Monday Renee helped Grandma make her famous meatloaf. Yum-o! Pair it with mashed potatoes that are loaded with butter and cream and we were happy campers. We did more visiting and reminiscing about the good ol' days when they lived in Wimer. What a magical place that was. We used to spend summers there walking across the covered bridge to get to the ice house where my grandpa would buy me my favorite blue nehi soda, then tell me it looked like battery acid. Those were the days. These are my grandparents. She still calls him sweetie and darlin'(she's from Texas) and he's just like I remember him, just thinner and not as vocal. It's hard watching people age.
We got a few pictures then had to be on our way. Parting is always hard, especially since I may not see them again on this earth, but thank God we will spend eternity together. Oh what a happy day that will be!

So we were off again traipsing back across New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. Our six hour drive turned into nine hours after making gas, bathroom, shopping and food stops. Good thing we weren't in a hurry. We decided to barbecue for dinner so I went out to turn it on. The sky was looking mighty weird and I started thinking that maybe, just maybe I would get to see a tornado. That may sound weird but how cool would it be to say you saw one? My aunt brushed it off until my uncle said we were under a tornado watch until 11 that night. I got so excited I could hardly stand it. First came the lightening, then the thunder. What a light show. We sat out on the front porch in awe of the storm. Then we came in to look a teh radar and wouldn't you know the storm splits, goes completely around Sentinel on both sides, and comes back together on the other side of town. What?! It was not to be on this trip. Maybe my next? Of course it would mean going in teh storm cellar but I would've been prepared with a blanket for my head.
Wednesday our trip had finally come to an end. We had so much fun and put many miles of highway beneath us but I wouldn't trade those days for anything. We had lots of laughs and made lots of memories and I can't wait till the four of us can do it again.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This guy deserves an award

My husband is one fabulous guy. I know I said I don't brag on him much but I just have to say a little more.

Not only:
-did he provide a way for me to go to Oklahoma and New Mexico
-did he did he drive me to the airport at 5:30 a.m.
-did he get the kids up and ready for school for five days (maybe a little too well because when he was tucking Emily into bed she asked when i was leaving again)
-did he make breakfast, lunch and dinner for them
-did he do laundry
-did he work a full time job during the day and come home to another one every night
-did he successfully play dad and mom

but he also managed to build this in his spare time.
The porch cover I have been begging for. It looks fabulous and I am more than overjoyed to have it up. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Also known as my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!!!
We had a fun filled trip to the mall today. My mom and aunt were in search of clothes for our trip to Oklahoma. Oh...I didn't tell you I was leaving? Well I am. Bright and early Thursday morning. 6:40 to be exact. My mom and aunt will follow Friday. My cousin is graduating college and we are driving to Roswell to see my grandparents. Lots of stuff to pack into six days but we will do it. And be laughing all the way.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Another one bites the dust

We have one less tooth around here tonight. She even pulled it out herself.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


We were childless last night so I got to sleep in until 9:30. Pure heaven. We had another big day today. First off was a going away barbecue for Lori and Terry. Staying with the 'good food, good friends' theme there was a lot more of that today. There was such a great turnout to celebrate the Whiteheads.

I'm going to interject here for a minute to brag on my husband. I don't do this often because I don't feel the need to, I let his actions speak for themselves, but today I've just got to say what a fantastic guy he is. After almost everyone had left Lisa, whose house we were at (who is also a single mother of three), called for a guy to come upstairs. One of her boys had locked the bathroom door and shut it and for some reason even though the handle would turn the door wouldn't open. He messed with it for a few minutes and got the door open. He came downstairs and I saw him walking around and then a few minutes later I was trying to find him and he was nowhere. I looked out the front window and out car was gone. Weird. I called him and got no answer. We were trying to figure out where he could've gone. I called him a again a little while later and he said he was on his way home. He had gone to Home Depot, bought her a new door handle and was on his way back to install it. Let me explain further that he had never met Lisa before today. She was a perfect stranger to him three hours prior, yet he saw a need and took care of it. The girls kept saying what a great guy he was to do that and you know what? He really is a great guy. He is THE hardest worker I know and he does it with no expectations of acknowledgment whatsoever, in fact he would prefer that no one point it out at all. But this was too good not to share.

After that party was over we headed to our fifth and final get together of the weekend. A birthday dinner for Rodger. He is 58 years young this year but doesn't look a day over 40. We ate and hung out and made it home just in time to get the kids in bed late enough that tomorrow morning is going to be loads of fun. I don't care, though. This weekend was totally worth it.

May 2nd

Well my every day in may is already out the window. We had quite the day yesterday. Our first stop was at the Casa de Sanchez for some Cinco de Mayo festivities. It rained, which was a bummer, but we had a wonderful time eating great Mexican food and hanging out with a great crowd. The best part, though, was spending a couple hours after everyone left just talking with Dionna and Eliseo. They are great company.

After we left their house we had to rush to a small going away dinner party for Lori and Terry. It was another time of excellent food, excellent friends, lots and lots of laughter and my favorite part...staying up way too late.

Including dinner at my parent's on Friday night we are three get togethers down...two to go.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Everyday Life is doing Everyday in May

Thanks to a prompt from Andrea I have decided to blog something every day this month. Today, to start off the month, I have a doozy. It doesn't need much explanation.

My roots were showing.

I was cheap and didn't want to pay to have them fixed.

I volunteered my aunt to dye them.

I have an appointment with Abby at 4.