Sunday, May 3, 2009


We were childless last night so I got to sleep in until 9:30. Pure heaven. We had another big day today. First off was a going away barbecue for Lori and Terry. Staying with the 'good food, good friends' theme there was a lot more of that today. There was such a great turnout to celebrate the Whiteheads.

I'm going to interject here for a minute to brag on my husband. I don't do this often because I don't feel the need to, I let his actions speak for themselves, but today I've just got to say what a fantastic guy he is. After almost everyone had left Lisa, whose house we were at (who is also a single mother of three), called for a guy to come upstairs. One of her boys had locked the bathroom door and shut it and for some reason even though the handle would turn the door wouldn't open. He messed with it for a few minutes and got the door open. He came downstairs and I saw him walking around and then a few minutes later I was trying to find him and he was nowhere. I looked out the front window and out car was gone. Weird. I called him and got no answer. We were trying to figure out where he could've gone. I called him a again a little while later and he said he was on his way home. He had gone to Home Depot, bought her a new door handle and was on his way back to install it. Let me explain further that he had never met Lisa before today. She was a perfect stranger to him three hours prior, yet he saw a need and took care of it. The girls kept saying what a great guy he was to do that and you know what? He really is a great guy. He is THE hardest worker I know and he does it with no expectations of acknowledgment whatsoever, in fact he would prefer that no one point it out at all. But this was too good not to share.

After that party was over we headed to our fifth and final get together of the weekend. A birthday dinner for Rodger. He is 58 years young this year but doesn't look a day over 40. We ate and hung out and made it home just in time to get the kids in bed late enough that tomorrow morning is going to be loads of fun. I don't care, though. This weekend was totally worth it.


Kelly said...

Wow you were a busy girl this weekend! But it sounds like fun. What a sweet thing for Rob to do! I'm glad you shared that!

Don't give up on your Everyday in May! I love having so many new posts to read from everyone!

Dionna said...

That really is a great and thoughtful thing for Rob to do. I wish more people were like that!