Thursday, May 14, 2009

This guy deserves an award

My husband is one fabulous guy. I know I said I don't brag on him much but I just have to say a little more.

Not only:
-did he provide a way for me to go to Oklahoma and New Mexico
-did he did he drive me to the airport at 5:30 a.m.
-did he get the kids up and ready for school for five days (maybe a little too well because when he was tucking Emily into bed she asked when i was leaving again)
-did he make breakfast, lunch and dinner for them
-did he do laundry
-did he work a full time job during the day and come home to another one every night
-did he successfully play dad and mom

but he also managed to build this in his spare time.
The porch cover I have been begging for. It looks fabulous and I am more than overjoyed to have it up. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best!


andrea said...

Wow, super dad!! Way to go Rob, you make being a SAHD easy!

How was your trip Jen?

SPARKY said...

that is awesome. i'm so glad it's done (seeing as how we spend a lot of time at your house in the summer and i AM pregnant :O) i'm teasin. i'm so happy for you. you guys are wonderful and you're right, you do have a wonderful man

Matt said...

Where is the picture of the over hang that fell down? Sure only show a picture of the over hang that didn't fall down :(

Dionna said...

Awesome job on the porch cover Rob! And for being a great dad... :)

jen k said...

Wow, he's a keeper!! The porch cover looks awesome. I've always wanted one too. Enjoy!

Ben Jennings said...

Hey- What a great husband. I should take notes!

chrisanna said...

Love the covered patio. He did a great job. He can come do ours if he'd like. :)

ruru said...