Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Art and Homework

The kids all have visual art once a week. I help in her class every other Tuesday which is the day they go to art so I was able to see most of her pieces made. All of the kids did a fantastic job on their art work. Their teacher gets them to do things as kindergartners that I don't know if I could do as an adult. These are the pieces that Emily has brought home so far.
'Mona Lisa'
'Little Miss Dance'
They made up their own characters reminiscent of these books.
'Flowers in oil pastels'
These are a couple Taylor has brought home this year.
This one came with a poem
Footsteps glistening
Deer running to its warm home
dancing, dancing deer

Monday night we were eating dinner out on the back patio and we remembered that Em had a couple pages of homework to get done. She worked so diligently and I thought she was just too cute sitting out there and working so hard.

While we were enjoying the warm weather last night this is what Em was doing. Rollerblading with giant sunglasses. Love it!

So happy I captured this. I love that it includes not only the drawing but my heels that she was wearing and her scooter that she was probably riding with my heels on. Never a dull moment.


Angela said...

So cute! Their paintings are really good!

Kelly said...

Their art stuff is great! Garrett & Kylee's kindergarten teacher was really good at that stuff. This year...not so much.

I love all the wacky stuff Emily does. It reminds me of Carson. :)

Thanks for the directions! I'm sure we'll be using them this summer. Now I want to see your purchases you mentioned on FB. I wanted to stop in that store on Main. I'm guessing that's the one you were talking about. Maybe I'll do it on my way to church tonight...

andrea said...

Wow! I am impressed by the art work. Some of those would be great framed!!

Um and yeah...show the purchases you were talking about on FB!

Dionna said...

I love this whole post. The artwork is fantastic - the pictures so adorable truly capturing Emily's personality. :)

chrisanna said...

That artwork is awesome! Kids' art is so sweet. I love looking at it. And that Em of your is quite the silly girl. :)