Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arlington and Georgetown

Going to Arlington cemetery isn't just 'something to do' while you are in DC. Going to Arlington is an experience. There are no words for all of the headstones. There are no words for all of the history. There are no words for the sacrifices that become unmistakeably evident when you step on these hallowed grounds.

This is the eternal flame, the burial site of JFK and Jacqueline Kennedy. It sits below Arlington House which could require a whole post of its own, as could the majority of things we saw.

There were many quotes by JFK around the memorial but I was especially drawn to this one.
"In the long history of the world
only a few generations have been granted
the role of defending freedom
in its hour of maximum danger.
I do not shrink from this responsibility,
I welcome it"
Goosebumps! That's what I got reading this quote. We have gone so far in the wrong direction in our country that it makes me long for leaders who believe in our freedom and what maintaining that involves.
The changing of the guards. Although there were hundreds of people standing around watching you could hear a pin drop during the ceremony.

On game day we decided to explore Georgetown. Of course when you visit Georgetown you must also visit Georgetown Cupcake. We got to the shop and Rob said "are you really going to stand in that line to get cupcakes?". I sure am! It ended up being close to half an hour of waiting in the hot sun but those cupcakes were worth every minute.

These were the cupcakes we decided on. They were a little cockeyed from a day of shopping. After we dug in I really wished we would've gone with the full dozen. If you ever have a chance to try these go with the red velvet. It is hands down the best cupcake I have ever had. The frosting was like silk...pure heaven.
Unfortunately in all the shopping we did we didn't have a lot of time to look around the neighborhoods but houses like this were everywhere. I could look at them all day.