Thursday, June 16, 2011

her first show

i love the theater. love it. i wish i had had the opportunity to go when i was young. i want to foster a love for the theater for my little one so rob and i took her to her first show last night. she loves the mamma mia movie so we thought it would be the perfect first show.

she didn't know where she was going only that we had a surprise for her. we started with a nice dinner at cottonwood grill. it was a huge relief when she realized that the restaurant was not her surprise. she couldn't get over how nice it was. guess we need to venture to places besides red robin and wendy's. you should have heard her in the bathroom. "i bet they don't get any spiders in here cause they keep it so clean. the tiles are clean, the walls are clean..."

we got to the morrison center and she still had no idea what was going on. i pointed her in the direction of the souvenir booth and she finally got it. she was so excited! 

she smiled and sang her way through the entire show. the night was a huge success. in her words "that was really cool!".

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