Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just what I needed

My trip to Phoenix was just what the doctor ordered. I hadn't had a good face to face visit with Jen in a long, long time. We passed our days doing the following...

*lots of laughing. whenever we are together it is a non stop laugh fest. seriously, it is the best.

*getting pure chocolate ice blended drinks at the coffee bean. pure chocolate is pure heaven.

*going to the mall. we have most of the stores they do so it wasn't anything great although i did pick up a delicious green wallet and sunglasses at forever 21. I also got a good deal on a hoodie at macy's.

*going to the shout house. we went to one in portland a few years ago but because paul mccartney was in town there weren't a lot of people there. we walked in this place at 9:00 and it was packed with no place to sit. we went to eat dinner then went back and got ever so lucky to get a table. these places are so fun because the piano players know every song under the sun. you put a request on the piano with some money, they play it and the whole place sings along. so much fun.
*spending 4 1/2 hours inside this beautiful blue building. jen had never been here even though it is a mere 45 minutes from her house. i introduced her to it and now chris says i'm not allowed to come back. the only downfall was only being able to buy what i could get back home with me. my poor suitcase was bursting at the seams and i had to carry an extra bag on the plane but it was so so worth it.
*snuggling with this bundle of chubby goodness. my favorite thing to do was give him his binky and put him on my chest. in no time he would be out and i would be in heaven.

*watching all of the direct tv shows that i never get to at home. tori and dean home sweet hollywood became a fast fav.
*giving grayson gifts. i made him three onesies and six burp cloths. jen loved them.

Before I knew it it was time to come home. My visit was short but sweet. Thank you Rob for letting me have some time with my friend. She appreciated it and so do I. And thanks for taking such good care of the kids while I was gone. You da man! Love ya.


chrisanna said...

What a fun getaway. Great job on the onsies and burp cloths. So cute!

Dionna said...

Welcome back! Look at you go with making onesies and stuff! I'm impressed. The Shout House sounds like a fun place - never heard of it before.

andrea said...

Sounds like fun!! Love the onsies and burp clothes, great job!!

Kelly said...

Applique t-shirts are on my list of projects for the boys. I have the fabric and everything, just haven't done it. Where did you get that polka-dotted fabric? I think I have a stripe almost identical to the elephant (which I am doing for Graham)
Sounds like you had a great time!

summer said...

just stopped by, i'm a friend of kelly's. checking out your cute onsies!
great job!

SPARKY said...'d you do the onesies? i want in on all your secrets. since when did you start sewing so much. now i have some catching up to do!
glad you have fun and glad your back...btw....i've been on ikea website three times already thanks to you