Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I got some fabulous deals at Dillard's. Their winter stuff was on clearance for 70% off and it was an extra 40% off of that. Total steals. I got two bags stuffed full for $99. Not bad.

Rob and I went to a Stampede game. His boss rented a box and had the evening catered. Good food, meeting Rob's co-workers, some time spent with TJ and Aubrey that we don't often get and...oh yeah...a basketball game.

I also snagged some great deals at Walgreens. I was telling Rob about them and started laughing because it's so ridiculous. So here's the deal:
8 bars Dove soap
1 Axe shampoo
1 Colgate Max toothpaste
1 bottle Migraine medicine
2 jars green olives(yum!)
6 packages peeps
minus coupons for
minus rebates of
minus register rewards for soap and toothpaste
minus rest of gift card from last round of rebates
my grand out of pocket total was $1.16. For almost $35 worth of stuff. Crazy. I've also been snagging some great deals at Albertsons. I don't know why but I get such a kick out of this. I added a new link to the left for coupons and deals. She is local so everything she talks about is relevant to me. Makes it nice to have someone do all the hard stuff.


Dionna said...

I've always wanted to go into a sky box - is that what it was? cool.

Alisha Beverly said...

That's amazing! That much stuff for only a buck! I'm totally impressed. Pretty soon I'll be able to hunt for good deals like that too. I'll be calling you for tips! :)

jen k said...

That's impressive. Good for you!

Angela said...

You are so awesome at saving money and using coupons! That is amazing!

SPARKY said...

yep. you're good at what you do. when we actually can keep a normal monthly budget (like actually having money come in consitantly!) i will definately be joining you on your shopping sprees. but you gotta call. i'm not the best on keeping up on all of it. AND i gotta get that dang sunday paper!

andrea said...

Chrisanna just got me started on couponing. I am just a bit confused on the register rewards at Walgreens. How do you get them?

Kelly said...

Gotta love a good deal! There has to be some scientific explanation for why it's so fun!