Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10

First of all I'm cold. I'm tired of being cold. I've been cold since October. Isn't that long enough?

Taylor had his first football game on Saturday. They won 32-6. He's not quite as aggressive as he's been in the past so we'll see how he does this season. It's entertaining to watch. And cold. 8:30 on a Saturday morning is a little much when the wind is blowing and it's freezing.

The prospectors gathered at the hot springs again last Saturday for some digging. I went more for the warm water. The gold is just a perk. That many hours in water is taking a toll on my skin though. Itchy itchy.

I found some summer music. Love her voice. And this one with Jason Mraz. Lovin it.

Rob tried his hand at barbecuing salmon on Sunday. I don't like salmon but it wasn't terrible. If he did the same thing with a fish I liked I might actually enjoy it.

Bunko was yesterday. I didn't win. Again. I love going though. I probably say it every month but it's true. We have lots of laughs and get some girl talk in while we carpool. Love my carpooling girls.

I got some really great news Sunday. One of my very best friends is moving back here after a looooong two years in Arizona. We have been friends for 21 years. Wow! That's a long time. We parted ways for a while but came back like we'd only been away for a week. I am thrilled! Ecstatic! Overjoyed! She'll be here by the summer and I can hardly wait!


Alisha Beverly said...

So how much gold did you guys get this time?

M said...

I LOVE that Jason Mraz song. In fact, when we were out at the Ram with the girls I missed like 3 minutes of conversation because that video came on and I got lost...

M said...

By the way, this is Melissa. Something's screwy with my Blogger account. I'm trying to fix it.

Dionna said...

I'm cold too and yes I'm tired of being cold too.

chrisanna said...

1. I am sooo sick of the cold too. Warm weather where are you?
2. Brrr, sounds very cold to be sitting outside at a football game in this weather.
3. You guys going gold digging cracks me up. You must be like pruns by the time you get out.
4. I love that song too.
5. BBQ salmon sounds good to me. We'll come over and eat it for you.
6. I kind of miss those Bunko days, especially the girl time.
7. Congrats on Jen moving back.

SPARKY said...

agreed. great music by colby. perfect for driving with the windows down! i really like "lucky". i turned it on and ry started dancin around. he's mostly neked these days due to potty training so it's funny to see his little bare butt shakin around the room!

Meg said...

i am enjoying the sunshine for you... although i am embarassed to say i am just as white as if i lived in england or someplace really cold all year round.

ruru said...