Monday, February 23, 2009

Becoming a habit

It seems like there isn't a lot going on during our weeks and then the weekend comes and we are busy busy. This weekend was no different.

Thursday Rob had two of his wisdom teeth pulled. It took literally five minutes. A far cry from mine. We spent most of Thursday and Friday watching The Office while he healed up a little.

Saturday we hung out here then went to church. Afterwards we did the usual...dinner and games. This week we changed it up a little and played Canasta. Yeah, that was fun. Rob and Matt argued, Matt said we played wrong, and Rodger didn't add up his points one round because it was that bad. But it was all worth it. Why? Cause I won ;o)

Sunday Rich had the idea that we should go to the hot springs for the day. We went up to Kirkham hot springs but here were tons of people there. We headed back down the road to Pine Flats but it was snowy, the road was closed and it would've been a long walk. Not to mention that both he and Rykon had on nothing but sandals. So we worked our way even closer to home and found another spot that #1 no one was at and #2 there was no snow. Perfect! This place has an actual cement pool but there was another rock and sand pool farther down so we chose that one. The guys hopped right in but I was a little chicken because I knew that if I got in I would eventually have to get out. It didn't take long for me to get cold and get in. We soaked for a little while when some guys showed up and said they dug that hole yesterday while they were digging for gold. They set up shop down river a little ways and we didn't think much about it. A while later Matt starts digging around in the sand and looking through it and you'll never guess what he found. Yep. Gold. Rich and Rykon decided to take off not long after that but we couldn't. We had gold to find. So there we sat in the water for several hours. Matt and I dug and sifted and Rob used a bobby pin to pick it up.

For all of the work we put in...the bruise on my shin, feeling like i rode a bike all day from sitting on rocks, the pruned hands and wrecked nails...I thought we would've had more. Guess we have to go back. Splitting this three ways won't amount to much. We will also have better tools next time. A bobby pin and a Pringles lid only works for so long.

This week we have the Rascal Flatts concert, Kiki for a couple days, a worship team party and a Stampede game. Bring it on.


Dionna said...

How fun to find gold! Were your kids impressed?

SPARKY said...

you guys are crazy! let's hope it's worth enough for the effort :O) it was so funny to see you all drive up. you all looked so tired. i got a good giggle out of it. sorry i missed all the fun! love ya and see you tomorrow! yeah!!!!!

jen k said...

You guys are so busy on the weekends!! Sounds fun though. Have fun at the concert!