Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Behind on summer blogging

I've had my birthday since being on here last. The big 3-3. Oh geez. Rob got me Krispy Kremes to start the day then he took me to Marsing to pick up five 'new to me' chairs. The other four don't have arms but I love them. And I love Craig's list. They need to be repainted and recovered, along with my other two. I can't wait.
Speaking of repainted, I am going to repaint my living/dining rooms and kitchen. I need to brighten things up a little. The darker colors are bringing me down. I want a light tan color that will go with anything. I think. I have four paint chips up on my wall that I am contemplating but if you have any great paint colors let me know.
I also need to get Emily's room repainted so I can get her room decorated.
I found this adorable headboard while I was antiquing yesterday. I love it!!! It will look lovely on one of my walls just as soon as I can get them painted...

This is a quilt I am working on. So colorful.

Rob took the boys on a dirt bike/camping adventure. They rode till they were tired, found a spot to set up a tent, slept, then rode some more. And geocached. My garden is coming along nicely. Things are sprouting and bugs are eating. We have to take a trip to Zamzows and find out what we can spray so my plants actually have leaves.
I went over to Lori's on Thursday to help her pack up. I didn't have a set time to go or leave I just went and planned to stay as long as she needed help. Well 10 hours, multiple boxes, lots of talking and laughing, a few tears, some good ole fashion dust bunnies and a dog bite later we said goodbye.
I think that about catches me up for now. We are going camping this weekend with the Duggan's and the Hamilton's so I should have plenty of stories to share when we come home.
7 kids
6 parents
3 families
1 weekend
Baumgartner here we come.


Dionna said...

Man - girl. You need to give your legs a break from the war wounds! I want to do some more painting in the Fall too. I'm thinking my front office. Maybe I'll rope you into helping me. :) I love my "warm nutmeg" color in our living room - but it might be darker than you are wanting.
Happy belated!

Alisha Beverly said...

A dog bite?! You need to blog more about that one girl!

andrea said...

I love that chair! That would be great for pictures :) Your quilt looks good too! Great colors!!

Kimberly said...

I love your projects. Is it hard to quilt?

SPARKY said...

hey....i actually think you should consider some shade of green for the whole thing. something crisp, clean, and easy on the eyes. not too bright, but not too dark either. maybe we could look at paint swatches together some time if that is of any interest to you. green can go with alot and with all your light wood, it would compliment it nicely. just a thought :O)