Monday, June 8, 2009

what's going on

*i had a FaBuLoUs time at a slumber party in honor of lori. we stayed up too late, ate way too much mexican food, laughed till our stomachs hurt and talked about every subject imaginable before dawn. it was a perfect goodbye. i'm gonna miss that girl.
*i only got about 4 hours of sleep so i was a little on the dazed side all day saturday and of little use around the house.
*after church we were joined by the duggan's, rich, steph, rykon and my cousin becca and her son deegan at the greek food festival. we ate lots of yummy food, got some more talking in and watched the greek dancers. every time we go there i wish i were greek. such tradition.
*sunday we were supposed to go fishing with jim, theresa and the kids. we all ended up going fishing, only there was a miscommunication and we ended up at different lakes. we weren't having much luck so we went geocaching instead. the thing i have found about that activity is it's fun for whoever is holding the gps and not fun for the people who have to trudge behind you blindly. i did a lot of trudging behind with a less than positive attitude. i will let you know, next time we go, if it was because of my lack of sleep or because it stinks following behind and not knowing where i'm going. i think it might be a little of both.
*today rob took the boys riding up by blacks creek. they are spending the night and coming home tomorrow so it's just me and the girl today.
*i got in the car today to run some errands and when i put my sunglasses on they were mysteriously broken. Not me and I don't know must have been rummaging through the car last night.


Kimberly said...

We've talked about going geocaching before. I hadn't thought about that detail. :)

jen k said...

We used to geocache a lot as a family but I will say I preferred the ones in town or at local parks. That hiking stuff ain't for me! :)

chrisanna said...

Don't you love when I don't know rummages through your car. Hmmm, the same thing happened to my favorite sunglasses. :)