Wednesday, July 1, 2009

taking off

We are going to put our new purchase to the test this weekend. We're going camping! I have so much to do. Clothes to pack, food to buy, camping bins to go through. It's too much! Thankfully it's always worth it.

I have a prayer request for all of you warriors out there. My brother has been having some health problems. He went to the doctor that sent him to a neurologist who thinks he has been having small seizures for a year. He is scheduled for a brain scan in two weeks but in the meantime has had swelling in his feet and shortness of breath which is more of a heart/circulatory system problem. He is trying to get into the cardiologist today or next week when we get back. Please pray that whatever is going on they can figure out and get taken care of.

I also had to add these pictures of my girl. What a rough life she leads.


Kelly said...

Have fun camping! We have yet to go. :( Your tent looks awesome though!

I'll be praying for your brother & the doctors he sees.

Cute pictures of Emily! She looks grown-up!

SPARKY said...

sure will pray. i had no idea. thanks for letting us know
have a safe, relaxing camping trip. we'll see you guys next weekend for sure! MY kind of camping :O)

chrisanna said...

Can't wait to hear about your camping trip.

Also, I'll be praying for your brother.