Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One man's junk...

The whole family headed to Sumpter Oregon last weekend for the big flea market they hold three times a year and did we have a good time. The treasures I brought home...oh the treasures! Unfortunately I had to leave more there than i wanted to but you can guarantee we will be back.

First up is this lovely bowl. I simply couldn't pass it up.
I got two Pyrex bowl for $3.50.

I got this wooden fork for 25 cents. I can't tell if it is an old fork that was functional or if someone just carved it as a decoration. Either way I loved it when I saw it. The Nehi bottle cap is something I had been looking for for a while. When we were younger my brother and I would spend time with our grandparents who lived in Wimer, Oregon. It is a teeny tiny town complete with a covered bridge. We spent many a day walking that road across the covered bridge to the ice house that sat just on the other side. Inevitably each time I would get a blue Nehi in a bottle and every time my grandpa would tell me it looked like I was drinking battery acid. I was so happy to find that bottle cap in memory of our days there.

I saw this set from across the way and practically ran to it. Sometimes there are things you just have to have. You don't know why but they call to you. This was one of those things. I can't pinpoint why I love it but I do. And for $7 I think it was worth it.

This set makes me smile. I love the color, I love the size of the pieces, I love the handles on the bowl. I love it all!

I have come to the conclusion that I love stemware. All colors, all designs. They had some great sets but this was the one that made it home. The orange is fabulous and I love that the stem and base is a different color. They are so bright and fun.
Looking forward to Labor day when I can do it all again!


Kelly said...

I wanna come too! So fun! I didn't know you were into junkin'. I'm dying to hit up a good estate sale!

Dionna said...

Looks like you got some great pieces. My grandma used to buy old glassware at garage sales - she'd always tell me what it was, how valuable, etc. I have a few pieces she's passed down to me...don't know their value but because they are from her - they are priceless. :)

in bloom said...

i think some how you were born in the wrong decade:O)

Rob said...

Babe let me remind you again that it will be a long drive if you really want to go for labor day since we will be in DC, but if you want to make it work somehow, someway I will see how to make it happen.