Thursday, March 1, 2012

just some stuff

not very amused that old man winter decided to wait til lacrosse season started to show up. it's march first,  there is a good inch and a half on the ground and it doesn't look to be stopping any time soon. bummer.

i painted taylor's room a couple of weeks ago. 
this is the before. we painted in tan and red not long after we moved in and it was time for a change.

and this is after! 
i went with all white so he could do anything with it and i wouldn't have to worry about painting it again. he wanted a bsu room with blue and orange walls but i wasn't in the mood for that project, nor did i want blue and orange walls.
he had enough bsu stuff that i was pretty sure i could use that stuff to decorate and not have to spend much money. i was right. all i bought were blue curtains for $15 and 3 frame for $9 total, he had everything else.
when it was painted but not decorated he told rob he hated it and wanted me to paint it back the way it was. 
he was on the verge of tears. seriously.
while he was at school the next day i finished decorating and i thought it turned out pretty great.
thankfully so did he.
please excuse the window seat...we were still putting stuff away.

i had these two shelves in my bathroom with only a couple things on them. they are pretty narrow so i was having trouble filling them. they ended up being perfect for his stuff.
these pictures are horribly blurry...
i used three bobble heads, a #1 finger, bsu pez dispenser, signed football, history of bsu book and a cow bell.

every time we go to a ball park taylor gets a pennant. he had the bsu rug and stop light decoration he got for christmas.

he has had the three bsu sports illustrated magazines for a while and i was so afraid they would get ruined. not now.
i bought three cheapo frames at walmart, sprayed them with paint i already had and put the magazines in the frames. 
cheap and easy.

so i am done painting for a while. i would like to do austin's room and emily's needs it bad but all my inspiration is gone for now. waiting for another vision.

we are 22 days away from our trip and rob and i are bursting at the seams. there is so much i want to do but i have to be careful. i even thought about packing for the kids last week but i thought i should wait just a little longer. i can't believe we have been able to keep it a secret for this long. i have almost slipped a few times but caught myself in the nick of time. my dad almost spilled the beans to taylor but my giant eyes and violent, but subtle, shaking of the head got his attention so we are still good.
rob even has a countdown on the mirror.
come on spring break!

keith and doug have decided to start a church.
we are so excited to be involved from the beginning and are so excited to see where god is going to take us. everything is falling perfectly into place. we are meeting at rocky mountain high school and have already had two launch team meetings. we have two more to go before the first trial service on march 18th and then the grand opening will be on easter! so much to do but god has been good in providing everything.

and just so you know...since i started this post the two inches and counting of snow have melted, the roads are clear and the sun is shining.
gotta love spring in idaho.

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