Monday, November 12, 2012

color run

alyssa told me about the color run a couple months ago.
all i knew was that it was a fun run/walk and at different points along the course you got blasted with colored powder making it the "happiest 5k on the planet!".
before the race we were so clean in our brand new white shirts.
as we went along the course there were four color stations.
pink, yellow, orange and blue powder was tossed, hurled and showered on us.
we were towards the front of the second wave of runners so we had a pretty easy time getting around everyone to take up a jogging pace. 
i have never done a 5k before and i wasn't planning on doing one today but i was convinced by a few girls that i could most definitely do it so i took the challenge.
i am very proud to say that i ran all of it, except for two very short two minute "i must walk or i will die" sections.
let me also say that i paid for it the next few days.
after the race there is a color party. 
we received color packets when we registered and every  twenty minutes or so everyone throws their packets in the air.

its' a beautiful, but slightly choking experience. 
there was colored powder everywhere.

this is kari. she was my running jogging partner.
she was so great to run jog at my pace and walk when i needed to.

i started laughing right as i took this picture cause i got a glimpse of my teeth. classy.

our whole group after. such a fun group of girls and so many fun memories!

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