Wednesday, January 9, 2013

the light of day

the day after the accident we went to get austin's stuff out of the truck. 
the accident looked bad by moonlight but it really gave us a new perspective when we saw in in the light of day.
i can't thank god enough for sparing those two boys.
i can't thank him enough for protecting them.
i keep wondering how they have no visible injuries.
nothing from breaking glass, no bumps, no bruises.
jake has since been diagnosed with a bad concussion and we pray for his quick recovery.
this is what miracles look like.

this is where jake was sitting.
i can't imagine the feelings he must have felt when he realized what had happened considering his side was against the ground, it was dark and he couldn't see austin.

before we left i told austin to stand in front of the truck and smile.
rob asked what there was to smile about (since we only had liability, it's a total loss) to which i replied,
"he's alive. that's plenty to smile about".

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