Monday, January 5, 2015


Over the weekend we said goodbye to the Expedition that we got when Emily was six months old. A lot has happened in that car. She was so good to us but the last couple of years the amount of money we've spent on her has far exceeded what we wanted to so it was time to start looking.

We've halfheartedly been looking for at least two years, perusing websites to see what was out there, how much they cost etc, and I started praying for a miracle. We have been without a car payment for 10+ years so the thought of having to shell out a bunch of money every month for a car was not something I was looking forward to. I really started praying the last six months or so that God would provide a miracle car for us, halfway thinking that we'd get a $15,000 check in the mail or that someone would anonymously give us a car. If you're going to ask you might as well ask big right?

So about two weeks ago it was decided that we really needed to make a decision. Our car was on her final leg and it was go time. And yes, I was still waiting patiently for the check. Rob found a couple for us to look at so on Tuesday we set out to find a new car with our very short list of criteria;
1) Runs well 2) Looks decent 3) Have a third row seat that folds down into the floor.

The first place we went had already sold theirs and the other one was in Nampa so off we went. We pulled up and it looked good so we took it for a test drive and lo and behold she ran great and the third row folded down beautifully. It seemed like a great car but, much like a bride who finds her wedding dress on the first try, I couldn't believe that everything could be working out so well so I insisted we go drive a couple more. It only took driving one to see how good the first was. Convinced we had found our car, they allowed Rob to pick it up Wednesday morning and take it to our mechanic to have it looked at. We got the all clear from him so we decided we would buy it. Rob took it back and let them know we wanted it but with it being New Year's Eve and banks closing early and staying closed it was going to be a couple days before we could get our loan finalized and get the money to them. They shook hands and sent him on his way.

The first rolls around and Rob takes another look online to make sure the car was off the market, but not only was it still advertised, the price had dropped by $800! We were both annoyed so Rob sent them an email and told them he hoped that this was the new price that we would be charged when we came to pick it up. We waited and waited to get a response and, without even having to dicker with them, they said that that was the new price and it would be waiting there for us to pick up. Floored. Long story short(er) we finalized the loan, went and picked up our car and have been blissfully happy ever since!

I think when people pray for miracles they expect the parting of the red sea, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. God tells us to pray big. That's certainly what I was praying for, but God doesn't always provide the way we want or the way we think is easiest. Did God send us a big fat check? No, but I absolutely believe he provided our miracle in so many small ways.

--Had all our requirements and SO MUCH MORE!
DVD player
Sunroof which, hand to heaven, I have wanted since I started driving
Beautiful interior
Dual heated and cooled seats
Dual temperature control
These may be old hat to some people but for those of us driving a 15 year old car they are reason for a happy dance.
--The car was basically dropped in our laps with little searching necessary.
--Loan was held up which allowed the price to drop another $800
--We didn't have to bargain with them to get the new price
--He provided Rob with raises this year that far exceed any extra expenses

So grateful and thankful for His provision!

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