Friday, March 14, 2008

All alone

I am all alone today and was for a bit of last night too. It was fabulous. Austin went with Phil and Taylor Fick out to dinner and to a movie. Gotta love people who want to spend time with Jr. Highers. He had a blast and they are planning a sleepover at the church on Saturday night. They should be just lovely on Sunday. Taylor went to get ice cream with Matt and his family, Rob was in Spokane for the day and Emily went to my parents which means that I had some quiet time. I got to read the new People magazine(my favorite), eat a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich without having to hide it from the kids and play a couple games of Mah Jong. Another favorite. Before I knew it all the boys were home and it was time to get everyone ready for bed but for those fleeting moments the house was mine. All mine.

I went to a follow up doctor appointement yesterday. In five minutes he said my heart sounds fine, the meds are working and he wants to see me again in a year. Wonder how much that cost me.

I am still loving the March tag challenge I am doing. She put up another one that I am going to do too. Actually it wasn't her idea it came from here but it's a great way to scrap the everyday.

My mom and I went to the mall yesterday. I was looking for a purse to carry on our trip. Not too big but big enough for a camera, water, and the ever essential chapstick. We went to Eddie Bauer and she found this bag on the clearance rack. It was last years model so they only had black but the best part was it was only$10. Who cares what color it is when it's cheap.

The other day I was in the bathroom getting ready and I asked Em if she could bring me some water so I could take my pills. She comes back a couple minutes later and says
E-I didn't expect that to happen.
E-I spilled some water on the floor but don't worry...I wiped it up with my sock.


Dionna said...

Welcome to blogger! :) I'm so glad your heart is doing well.

andrea said...

Looks great!

SPARKY said...

what made you decide to move to blogger? i always thought xanga offered more. well anyway. looks great and welcome my dear~!!