Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My ears hurt

My two youngest children have been recently diagnosed with an illness. Chronic diarrhea of the mouth. I'd like to say it isn't serious but that isn't the case. With is comes terrible side affects such as sore throats and jaw pain. This disease is serious because it not only affects the person stricken but also those around them with symptoms like impatience, bleeding ears and neck pain (usually caused from trying to shut Em's bedroom door and throwing my head back because she always says "just one more thing", which is, of course, after the six "one more things" she's already had to tell me.)

I'm laying in bed this morning at 7:15 and I hear Em's door open. She comes in our room, goes to the bathroom and at 7:18 climbs in bed with me. Now I don't get up til 7:30 so I still had 12 minutes of sleep to get. Not gonna happen. She immediately starts talking and these are the parts i remember.

E-Can you sew my bunny? She has a hole in her neck.
E-I know how long I've had this bunny...seven years...I know how long a year is...January, February, March (all the months in between) November, December. We're in March now. The rainy month.
....a blessed moment of silence...
E-Remember when we took you to the airport?
E-I used to cry when you or daddy would leave. I used to think you would get in a plane crash. If dad was gone and there was a robber...was dad a police officer?
E-I know why dad leaves when it's still nighttime...cause it takes him a long time to get to work.
J-No it's just still dark in the morning.
E-How long does it take dad to get to work?
J-Fifteen minutes.
E-I know how long fifteen minutes is. You count to one then wait for an hour.
...the radio comes on and I roll over to turn it off...
E-No! I like this song. (slight pause) I thought you were going to tell me that if I didn't like your nails I couldn't like this song. Your fingernails look like rotten blueberries.

And on that note I rolled out of bed.


Alisha Beverly said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! That is just so funny! I'm so glad you wrote this all down. It gives us a glimpse into how her little mind works. So sweet!

Rob said...

I thought as parents we were supposed to enjoy the traits we passed along to our kids. Sounds like you are regretting passing this along to Em and Tay.

andrea said...

Ahhhh...that just totally made me laugh! My ears hurt from all of Bryson's whinning today so I feel your pain!

(I just read Rob's comment...too funny!)

Dionna said...

I can't help but feel melancholy. I sooo miss the days when my girls would climb into bed with me. Now I try to beg them to. It will be gone far too soon.

SPARKY said...

are you kidding me? that's one of the funniest dialogues i've heard yet. she's soooo freakin funny. i need to write down more of the silly unusual things rykon says. i love her