Friday, July 30, 2010

We've been having a lot of crazy summer fun the last few weeks. My favorite so far has been boating. Marc and Skye have asked us a couple of times to go and we always have the best time.

Rob and Austin learned to wake board, one taking a little longer to get it than the other. Austin put on that board and it took him three times to get up and look like a pro. Rob took a little while longer but got the hang of it too.

Taylor really wanted to learn to water ski so Skye offered to teach him. She stayed in the water with him to help hold him up, explained everything he needed to know and when he was ready we took off. Unfortunately no one told him that when he fell he needed to let go of the rope. Poor little guy. He fell and all we could see were his two little hands hanging on for dear life. Needless to say that was his first and last time trying that for a while.

We love summer!


Andrea said...

Love the new look here! It has been forever since I've seen you (well, expect that super quick unexpected hello at camp). Looks like you've been having a good summer. Poor Taylor though, I can feel his pain (remember my experience???). The exact reason why I hate the water to this day!

Rob said...

Sorry, I didn't even take one photo of you waterskiing. I am getting better but not there yet.