Monday, August 2, 2010

Mary Mary quite contrary...

We planted a garden again this year. We didn't plant as much as last year because we were gone so much in June but we did get some things in.
carrots/lettuce/spinach/broccoli/cucumbers/string beans/zucchini/potatoes/pumpkins/strawberries/cantaloupe/raspberries/tomatoes
The bad thing about planting a garden and leaving the country is you miss out on what it has to offer. We missed all of our broccoli because it matured and flowered during the ten days we were gone. Bummer. We also lost a lot of our lettuce and decided that planting spinach is worthless. Mature spinach is gross.
We were outside last night and the kids wanted to pull some carrots. We may have waited a smidge too long since they were so big but the kids loved them.

These carrots didn't fair so well.

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