Monday, April 4, 2011

The Almost Forgotten Argentina Posts: Part Five

I love old stuff. Love it. So I loved Argentina. The cathedrals and the buildings were all so beautiful to look at. These were some of my favorite architectural things from Cordoba.

This is a silhouette of a building. Most of the buildings in the square had these in front of them. It was a cool little detail.

I fell in love with the doors here. They were all really tall, maybe nine feet tall, and super skinny. I also loved that the doors to houses were right on the street. There would be a couple shops and a few houses then more shops. My favorite thing to do was walk at night and try to peak in the windows. There were some absolutely beautiful homes.

This is the ceiling in the foyer of the church. I loved that the plaster had fallen off and allowed the old bricks to show through. The building that houses the church is over 100 years old.

This is the world's skinniest building. I would have loved to take a peak inside of it.

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chrisanna said...

Wow, pretty amazing. You just don't see stuff like that here in Idaho. :) I love looking at all of your Argentina pictures...especially since my husband didn't even take a camera with him. Thanks for sharing!