Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a mini makeover

i have been wanting to redo emily's room for a while now. i had a bunch of great stuff i've bought over the last year, i just don't have the decorating skills to put it all together. i was not in the mood to paint so i kept the color and skye came over and put it together. emily loves it!
here are the before pictures

that little thing hanging on the wall is a piece of pottery that she made at school. there was a nail there so she hung it above her bed to put a necklace in.

and here are the after pictures. it is amazing what rearranging things does. we added a mirror that makes the room look twice as big. pay no attention to the missing drawer...

i have to get some sticky tack to put the rest of the letters on the fence for em's name. and i happened to find a sewing table redo today so i will be doing that this week.

i just love it. it looks so much bigger the way it is now. it's so nice to get someone with a fresh perspective to change things up a bit.

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chrisanna said...

Cute! I love her room...so bright and colorful. It is amazing what a little rearranging does to a room. I love to change things up.