Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hodge podge

--rob and em were out the other night and she tells him that she is so glad we live where we do because if we are ever hungry we have so many places to go eat like "walgreens(?), j.b.'s, jack ons." what? he told her that it was jackSon's, as in the shell station around the corner. she said she thought the squiggly line in between was to separate the words.

--in going over things in my head for our trip i have come to realize that i still have the same bathing suit i wore on our trip 6 YEARS AGO! i don't wear it but tit's still in my drawer. note to self:get rid of 6 year old bathing suit.

--i found two more chairs for our dining room table at the youth ranch yesterday. chairs by themselves have been super hard to find. i was walking around the store and came upon four chairs that weren't marked. i was almost afraid to ask how much they were cause the youth ranch can be a little pricey but they told me ten bucks a piece. sold! i took the best two and brought them to their new home.

--rob got me a laptop for christmas. probably my favorite present, aside from the gurgle pot, but it has been both a blessing and a curse. i love having it downstairs on the counter so i'm not constantly running up and down the stairs all day to our other computer. however, having it on the counter all day leads to spontaneous, all day sessions of facebook, pinterest and craigslist. must get that under control.

--i'm on a no meat kick again. i watched the movie forks over knives and coupled with food inc. and super size me i never want to eat anything but veggies again. i am in the process of making the next two weeks menu and so far there's no meat in sight. i've also gone to almond milk instead of cows milk and am trying to limit the amount of dairy in general. eggs, butter and sour cream might be a little harder to limit but we'll see. everyone but austin seems to be ok with it and, hopefully, he will come around too.

--we got snow shoes, from santa, for christmas and decided since it finally snowed that we would take them out last saturday. we didn't really know where to go and the spot we chose wasn't very good. and it rained. and we had sadie who sunk to her shoulders every time she took a step. a memorable first trip if nothing else.


Dionna Sanchez said...

When we first moved out here, Kamica called it "Jack Ons" too. So funny.

Kelly said...

Ooo snowshoeing looks like fun!