Friday, January 27, 2012

loving... toes. a friend of  mine has a girl at her church that does pedicures for ten dollars. ten dollars!!! this is my second one and i just love going. we get to sit and talk AND get my feet taken care of. love! laptop. rob got it for me for christmas and i have already gotten his moneys worth out of it. i use it all. the. time. new chandelier. i have wanted this thing for a couple years but, being at ikea, i never wanted to spend the money on it when i actually had the chance to go. my aunt was going to one and said she would get it for me if i wanted it. she called and asked if i was sure i wanted the big one, because it was pretty big, and i assured her that it was the big, not the smaller one, that i wanted. it arrived in the mail, we put it together, and i had giant light remorse. big time. but the longer it hung there the more i fell in love. glass coffee mugs. i got these in texas at crate and barrel for $1.50 each. sad thing is i only got two of them. stupid, stupid, stupid! i love how big they are. i love their shape. and i love that my hands fit so nicely around it. burt's bees chapstick. i thought i would always be a blistex girl. i had been for many a year, but after we started down the healthier living road i learned of many not so great things in it. i am a chapstick girl. i always have to have it on me so i was a little intimidated trying to find a new one that had natural ingredients and wasn't waxy as i am a very picky about my lip balm. hellooooo burt's bees. everything i wanted and more. mantel. i'm not good with decorating. i know what i like but have a hard time getting it to translate around my house. this took me almost two full days(sad i know) but i love the way it turned out and it makes me happy every time i look at it.

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Kelly said...

Pass on the name of the $10 pedi girl! What a great deal!

Love the mantle! I noticed your Gurgle pot up there...have you used it? We love ours :)