Thursday, February 2, 2012


i have a lot of projects that i need to get done around the house. between thrifting and pinterest i have about a million things i would like to do...

easy stuff like painting the pantry door
colored pantry door

or doing board and batten in the living/dining rooms.

i would also like wood floors 

and lots more windows.

but until we have the money(still waiting for that money tree to start producing) and the time to do those things i will stick to the little things that will make me feel like i'm making progress.

i have two lamps that i got for $3.75 and $3, respectively, that i need to get painted and put somewhere or sold. the first is small and i already have a shade for it so it just needs painting. easy peasy.

i love the shape of this one! i need to get some paint and get her done too so i can enjoy it in the house instead of looking at her occasionally as i pass through the garage.

i got this cabinet off craigslist for $20. i think this is a fixer upper and sell cabinet but i will have to make that decision when it's all done. 

this is a head board/foot board that i got for taylor at goodwill for $19. he is the only child that doesn't have a double bed and he was beginning to feel left out. it needs a little work where the rails attach to the head board but once it's painted i think it's going to be awesome and, like the lamp, look much better in the house than in the garage.

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