Friday, February 17, 2012

staying alive

i thought it would be fun to document some of my favorites in life. 
movies, music, food. anything that makes me me.

i have been wanting to do a blog post on this movie for a long time but just never got around to it so this will be my first favorites post.

one of my all time favorite movies is staying alive.
a fun trivia fact about staying alive:
it was written by sylvester stallone. yes THAT sylvester stallone. he actually makes a brief appearance in the movie.

my aunt introduced me to it when i was about 7 or 8.
she used to take me to her house and we would get round table pizza(mushroom and black olive), m&ms, green tea ice cream and dr. pepper and we would watch this movie over and over. 

i started taking dance classes when i was in preschool so i could sort of relate to the movie. 
it's something that, as a very young child, i could see me doing with my life. 
i was in dance...why not be a dancer when i grow up.
i could just picture myself in the opening number.
the leotards, the leg warmers, the head bands.
the tryouts where everyone is judged and only the best of the best get through to join the show.

intertwined in the quest to follow their dancing dreams is a love story. 
the girl who is best friends and, on again off again, dating the boy. 
the jealous boy who likes her when it's convenient but really has eyes for the lead dancer in the show.

the girl who is tired of being put last and has to tell him through song.

when it all comes down to it she loves him  no matter what.
when he needs help practicing for a part there is no place else she would rather be.

he gets the lead part(spoiler, i know) and the training starts.
i still think this would be so awesome.

then there is the final dance number. what they have all worked so hard for. 
boy and girl have decided that they love each other and this is what they've waited their whole lives to do.
it's their turn to be in a broadway show.

the last scene in the movie is what it's all about. 
he has everything he wants and all he wants to do is strut!

no matter how cheesy, corny or downright goofy this movie is it will always be one of my favorites.

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