Friday, February 10, 2012

loving it

so here it is in all of it's low light new bedroom!
i love how much bigger it looks now that it isn't dark blue.
i love that it is calming when i walk in.
i love that everything looks so clean and fresh.
i have some more decorating to do. not sure what i want to do above my bed. i had some ideas but when i got the shelf up there they didn't work so now i am scouring pinterest looking for other ideas.

this was an old headboard. i got it from a store in nampa several years ago. it was yellow and, even though i didn't know what i was going to do with it, i knew i had to have it. well several years passed and it hung on my wall as a headboard. a big yellow headboard with legs and a place to put side rails if we saw fit someday. i had had a couple people tell me i should use it as a coat rack. i liked the idea but never did anything about it cause we were content hanging our coats on the knob at the end of our bed. classy. i decide  yesterday was the day that the transformation would happen. i knew i would have to use rob's miter saw to get the job done, which was a task in itself. i went back and forth deciding whether i should use it by myself. i could only imagine the things that could go wrong and how bad that would be with no one i got my cell phone. i figured if anything happened i would, hopefully, have enough left in me to call someone before i passed out from blood loss.
moving on.
i got my ear plugs, well one ear plug and one kleenex wad cause i couldn't find another ear plug, my safety goggles(sun glasses) and leather gloves cause i figured that they might be harder to get through in case the saw decided to bite. i lined up my cut, turned on the saw, and away i went. it was awesome. like a hot knife through butter. and within two minutes i had cut off both legs with not problems. yay me! a couple coats of coral spray paint and it went from this...

to this...

Here is the other angle. Like I said, I still need some stuff but it's good for now.

i got these baskets at goodwill for $5. i went in with an idea in mine and was blown away to find five baskets that were exactly the same just different shapes. i snatched them up and another idea was born. the chandelier was painted lime green before.

after five years i am finally getting my type drawer out to use. i would like to put a few things in it and do something else under it to use a little more of the space but i love it on the wall.

now taylor wants his room painted. oy! he has even taken everything off his walls and moved it all to the middle of the room which means i actually have to do it. guess i know what i am doing saturday.

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