Monday, June 30, 2008

Back at home

I feel that in the midst of recapping our trip I must also keep up with what's going on at home. A few things that have happened...
  • Austin went to his first movie with 'just the guys'. Taylor Fick, Spencer and Chris accompanied him to Iron Man. He's growing up too fast.

  • Meridian Dairy Days. It happened to be the weekend after we got home so I wasn't feeling great but we managed to take the kids to the carnival and the parade. They had fun riding a few rides and Austin even got Rob to ride a 'big' one with him. I would've been all over it if I was feeling well. The parade was good but looong. It was worth it though. We scored chocolate milk, frozen yogurt and 28 cheese sticks. We were just sitting there and they kept dropping handfuls in our laps. Good thing the kids like cheese.

  • I was having a hankering for homemade ice cream. I bought all the stuff and when I got the ice cream maker out I realized that finding a small motor, being clueless as to what it goes to and throwing it away is not always the smartest thing. No ice cream maker means no ice cream. Unless you have parents with an old crank ice cream maker. Last Thursday we all went over and made vanilla ice cream. It brought back memories of Grandma June making ice cream when I was little. We used Grandma Fitch's recipe and it was like heaven in a bowl.

Vanilla Ice Cream

2 eggs 1c. sugar 1/8 tsp. salt 2c. cream 3c. milk 1 Tbs vanilla(preferably Mexican)

Beat eggs until light. Add salt and sugar and beat together. Add milk, cream and vanilla and beat till mixed. Pour in ice cream freezer and mix til hard. Enjoy. Makes 2 qt.

  • I went with my mom to a quilt show at The Grove. I know it sounds lame but they had some really cool stuff. Right off the bat I found a birthday quilt that was done in the yummiest browns and pinks. I fell in love with it. Mom bought the kit so I can make it for Emily for her birthday in December. When I was in bed that night I was thinking that it would be fun to make one for each of the kids to put on their beds on their birthdays and then when they leave home they can take it and use it in their families. Sooo that means I have six weeks to get an entire quilt made for Tay. Yikes.

  • Swimming and smores at Jim and Theresa's. I love summer!


andrea said...

Yum! I LOVE homemade icecream. Cute pictures of the kids. I can't believe you have a child old enough to go to the movies by himself :) Crazy!

Hope you are feeling more "normal" this week!

Matt said...

Six weeks? If I can learn Spanish, and Applied Calculus in six weeks than I have enough faith in you to be able to get the quilt done in time. You can do it.