Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My last few days have included...

*dance pictures.

Be still my heart.

*a court appearance. we got a little over half our money back through mediation so we were happy.
*lunch at chili's with my hubby.
*a little Philippines shopping.
*a dress rehearsal.

when she came out in her curlers people were oohing and awwing. she was a little embarrassed.

*a recital

*a graduation

*a birthday party for Rob
*Non stop laundry
*Getting myself almost all the way packed.
*helping at field day
*watching the kids swim
*towing my dad's broken down truck home from Caldwell. that was an experience but we made it.
*a stress level to which i am not accustomed
*knocking around the idea of starting a new ministry with steph
*dreaming about school being out. one more day!
*packing the boys for camp
*and this morning...chocolate chip pancakes.


sam said...

You are busy girl! Love all the sweet dance pictures. :)

Dionna said...

That place where Emily had her pictures taken is very pretty. Where is it?
I am so glad you got some of your money back for the house.
A new ministry huh? Hmmm.... :)
Have a great trip. I'll miss ya!

andrea said...

Cute dance pictures. I love the tutu.

What's this new ministry about???

Meg said...

I can relate. Stress has been my enemy for quite some time now. Thank goodness I don't have the stress of the kids on top of everything else. Hope you all have so much fun on your trip. It's a long flight but its well worth the time, money and challenge of being there.